Esther & DavidEditor’s note: I met David and Esther at a worship night that David led at our community house. I loved their authentic worship and love for Jesus. I was able to get to know Esther more when I provided her with some tutorials on design software. I knew when she asked for help that it was fertile soil to invest in for the Kingdom of God.

Her and her husband among other things are working with A21—an organization committed to abolish slavery in the 21st century. I hope you enjoy getting to know her and are inspired by her views on art and the kingdom of God! Find links at the bottom to her work.

AMAG: How were you awakened to life in God? Was there a defining moment?

Esther: I’ve known God is present in my life since I was child, but my relationship with Him has been changing as I have been growing up. As in every relationship, I have had ups and downs with Him. But if I must point a defining moment, in where He stopped just being present, and became the center of my life, I would say after my YWAM DTS (Youth with a Mission, Discipleship Training School).

There I could sense the real and miraculous God He is. He gave total sense to my life, and I got to understand not only mentally but also experience my identity as a child of God. When it came to this point, I started seeing that God could use me to share who He is, not with methods or anything, but from the reality of who I am in Him.

AMAG: What is you and your husband David’s mission here in Catalunya and Spain?

Esther: Our mission in Catalonia has two main areas:

  1. Reach the Catalan nation, specifically the people in small cities with the Gospel planting organic churches.
  2. Fight Human Trafficking by raising awareness about pornography and thereby, stopping the demand of the future generations.

AMAG: What inspires you to create?

Esther: I have two passions in my life: nature and art. This brought me lots of doubts when I had to choose my degree, but I decided to study Biology without stopping being passionate about learning art.

Now, looking back, I have come to a conclusion:

What really inspires me to create is the most perfect work of art ever: God’s creation.

The more I learn about His creation, the more I see God creating things for the sake of it, for the fun of creating beautiful things, not always with a specific biological function.

AMAG: What is your favorite medium to create?

Esther: I do photography and handmade (more specifically screenprinting).



Esther in her element

AMAG: What is art and creativity’s relation to the Kingdom of God? How can it be used for the Kingdom?

Esther: Art has always been an international language, with the power to impact everyone everywhere, and usually going further and deeper than words. We all, carrying the image of God, are creative but christian artists should be impacting the world much more than they are, because art has always been and will always be present in society, bringing change and expressing the social movements. And so, is there a bigger movement than the advancing of God’s Kingdom? Artist play a critical role in this.

Before our DTS, that was focused on arts and missions, I asked myself the same question:

How can it be used for the Kingdom?

And both my husband and I, when we finished it, came to the same conclusion:

it’s not about focusing on your art, improving it and creating strategies to use it for the Kingdom. It’s all about Jesus.

He is the most interested one in His Kingdom. He has the passion for the people. We just have to focus on Him and letting Him use our gifts in a natural way to reach people. Less overthinking, more intimacy with God and letting Him do. He knows best.

Screenprinting by Esther

Screenprinting by Esther

AMAG: Tell me a little about A21?

Esther: A21 is an international christian organisation working to end modern-day slavery and Human Trafficking. Created by Christine Caine and her husband in in 2008 in Greece, it has four main focuses:

  1. Prevention (raising awareness and education)
  2. Protection of the victims, (rescuing them and helping restoring them)
  3. Partnerships (finding supporters and partners) and finally,
  4. Prosecution of the traffickers, providing legal council to the victims and helping changes in legislation.

AMAG: How are you partnering with A21 in Catalunya and Spain?

Esther: Our work in A21 is focused on ending sexual slavery by stopping the demand. More specifically, by fighting porn industry.  We have created a workshop about porn, prostitution and Human Trafficking, addressed to everyone, but especially to teenagers both in churches and high schools.

I have been helping in the social media team with a little design, and I have been able to do my first awareness project: a 100% fair trade screenprinted bag, in order to raise wider awareness and funds for A21 and its aim to end modern day slavery (pictured in the header gallery images).

Buy it here

AMAG: Anything else you’d like to add? How can others help you and A21?

Esther: Both my husband and I feel God is calling us (and our whole generation) to raise and take bold steps to make His Kingdom advance in this country. This may look like quitting jobs at some point, or working part-time. We feel called to missions in Catalonia, and we just want to be obedient to Him. We would appreciate prayer for guidance and wisdom.

To help A21, along with unceasing prayer, there are a lot of ways others can partner! You just have to visit their webpage. In a practical way, you can order some bags we screenprinted too!

Finally, I wanted to make a call to all artists:

stop hiding how God created you to be.

Fall deeply in love with Jesus, and let Him use and surprise you! Don’t let others tell you how “christian art” should look like, and be bold!


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with his wife Camille are focused on the discipleship of people into their true identities and callings. They have a passion to release creativity and freedom in God. They are currently living in the Barcelona area.