It’s been years of facing the wall of my closet, contending for the brokenness in families. Ones on the brink of disintegrating to dust. Ones like mine.

Growing up as the youngest of four and under divorced parents, I’ve always fought the battle of never feeling understood, so I turned to a community of believers who did. God began radically accelerating a ton in my life. Testimonies of healings, provision, and revelations of Jesus were rising not only in my heart, but in the community I was running with. Little did I realize, I neglected my family along the way, because my constant efforts to share about what God was doing, just translated to gibberish. It seemed that even when stepping out in faith to share with them, my words fell to the ground. Through the times I was with my family, my mind never was, and it showed.

The biggest fight that was raging in my heart as I pressed into prayer for my family was against time. For so long I would pray and pray and pray, yet I felt like my plea to the Lord, to see my family healed, would echo out into a distance. Time continued on and it was as if nothing changed. I had experienced such a freshness of love, joy, healing, and hope, and I desperately wanted my family to encounter the same. The hardest thing to see is your fragile family struggle in pain right before your eyes, when you hold the very answer—the One—in your heart.

Jesus didn’t constantly poke at the wrongs of people. He simply loved.

In the recent months, I have never seen Jesus move the way He’s been moving in my family, like He is now.  Just to encourage and stir the faith of those reading, some things happening with Jesus’ faithfulness written all over them are: one of my sisters is giving church a try again after long years of being hurt by it, my other two sisters are hungry for the Word and are willing to read with me, and my mom asks me questions about Jesus. I mean come on!! All Jesus. God has been so gracious enough to give me an abundance of opportunities to be present with my family. Whether it was sitting in the living room together or going on a snowboarding trip. Big or small. God moved. And somewhere in between all of that, my heart underwent massive transformation. I’ve gained such a huge revelation on the power in being present with people. My family. Just as Jesus chose to be with the lowliest of people—those who couldn’t grasp or comprehend the Love that embraced their pains. It was patient. Jesus didn’t constantly poke at the wrongs of people. He simply loved.

my faith is being strengthened by the truth that Jesus is faithful to our families.

Grace and patience are welling up out of my heart, and my faith is being strengthened by the truth that Jesus is faithful to our families. More than you and I could ever be. There is such a deep anticipation in my spirit for families to rise up out of the ashes. When I envision revival, I see business men, teachers, doctors, and I see whole families saying, “Yes” to the Lord. God is who He says He is and will finish what He has begun. I realized that the enemy wanted so badly for me to be absent from my family, because I am a light. And what fellowship does Light have with darkness? None. I feel like my entire family, along with others, are on the brink of breakthrough! I’m done with letting the enemy toy with our homes. I intend to see healing and salvation come in fullness over our families.

So to those still reading, I encourage you with this:

A present heart speaks measures to those in need.

Awaken Mag
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