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Bethany Reid

About Bethany Reid

Bethany Reid and her husband, Jeff, lead a community of Jesus followers in Cape Town, South Africa. They are passionate about discipleship, community, sports, food and fashion. And they love YWAM. Follow them at: www.followthereids.com

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Spring Cupcakes

Spring Cupcakes

Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Bethany Reid

Jesus in the Kitchen I find my soul connecting to the love of the Father, and my heart able to communicate to Him so easily [whilst in the kitchen] These are the cupcakes I make every [&hellip... Read More



Cheat’s Pizza

Published on March 2nd, 2013 | by Bethany Reid

Pizza nights are a great idea when you are gathering friends together. The only part I donʼt enjoy so much is making that dough. I usually make a grain free crust for us, but another great [&hellip... Read More



Tis’ The Season To Be Hungry

Published on December 25th, 2012 | by Bethany Reid

Oh the holidays! They are such a wonderful reason to bring dear friends together. One ʻcommunityʼ appetizer I love is Artichokes. It’s so filled with flavor, mainly garlic, that it’s deadly! Itʼs fun to patiently peel [&hellip... Read More


Sugar Cookie Recipes

Ain’t No Party like a Sugar Cookie Party

Published on December 22nd, 2012 | by Bethany Reid

What is Christmas cooking without a good sugar cookie! I make them just for the fun of cutting out and decorating! This is a great way to gather friends together. Have a cookie party, decorate together [&hellip... Read More


Salsa and Guacamole Recipe by Bethany Reid

Adoption and Rock n Rolie

Published on November 30th, 2012 | by Bethany Reid

November is Adoption Awareness month, here’s a recipe with a story from my heart to yours. 7 years ago I married Jeff Reid, and instantly became Mom to his (then) 6 yr old son Elijah. And [&hellip... Read More


Gluten-free Banana Muffins

Muffin ain’t wrong with Gluten-free

Published on November 8th, 2012 | by Bethany Reid

Enter the MUFFIN So many variations, and they are easy to grab quickly on your way out the door or when more than expected are at your coffee table. A good muffin recipe is a must for [&hellip... Read More



Gather Around Your Table

Published on October 10th, 2012 | by Bethany Reid

In more than 8 years of life and ministry together, Jeff and I have seen few things as impacting for building friendship and discipleship as the sharing of food. Who doesn’t love that? We’ve come to [&hellip... Read More

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