Dirty Jesus by Brian Fannin - Art by Calvin Hanson
We believe the Father the dozens of times he Biblically states that he can make all things new. But are we willing to wait for his timeline? I‘ve been confronted this week with an interesting conversation between John the Baptist and Jesus in Matthew chapter 11. John poses the question, “Are you the Expected One, or shall we look for someone else?” Jesus goes on to state that blessed are those who aren’t offended by him. “Have I set expectations on Jesus?” Click To Tweet Though brief the question of John was, we’re left with an interesting thought. Was John the Baptist taken aback by the appearance of Jesus? Did he not recognize the one that he’d been preparing for all those years? Even to such extreme measures? This King of kings probably didn’t look like such. Whether or not these assumptions on John’s thoughts are accurate, they pose an…Continue Reading
Last night I had a peculiar dream, I was an elderly man visiting an old, plantation-style house which seemed to have incredible memories of power and love for me. A pleasantly, nostalgic experience. As I entered the house, I noticed a group of men communing around a table. They were wearing vintage clothing and seemed to be moving about their evening completely uninterested by my presence or even aware of my intrusion. Eventually, I joined in conversation with one of the elderly men only to be informed that I was a ghost. I was taken aback, not previously aware of my death. I asked him why they were all unsurprised by my presence if I was indeed a ghost and he revealed that the ghost of an elderly woman visited their property once a year and had done so for a very long time. I awoke with a horrible longing…Continue Reading
Background Information Location: Lohne, Germany  Brian works with a ministry called Fascinate Transformation School. The first school was located in Taylors, South Carolina. He traveled with some of the Fascinate community to Germany to help run another school put on by a missionary friend. After a speaking engagement at a church in Germany, my friends and I  went out to a late dinner with some of our new friends. The eight of us sat down in Burger King. Shortly after, we couldn’t help but notice two young men, one of which was becoming rather aggressive and angry. He was slamming the table and yelling in German making quite the scene. These actions continued through the course of our dinner and towards the end he started crying and laid his face on the open contents of his cheeseburger. We heard his friend across the table tell him that he should see…Continue Reading