Editor’s note: I met David and Esther at a worship night that David led at our community house. I loved their authentic worship and love for Jesus. I was able to get to know Esther more when I provided her with some tutorials on design software. I knew when she asked for help that it was fertile soil to invest in for the Kingdom of God. Her and her husband among other things are working with A21—an organization committed to abolish slavery in the 21st century. I hope you enjoy getting to know her and are inspired by her views on art and the kingdom of God! Find links at the bottom to her work. AMAG: How were you awakened to life in God? Was there a defining moment? Esther: I’ve known God is present in my life since I was child, but my relationship with Him has been changing as I have been growing up. As in…Continue Reading
Editor's Note: I met Jacob Cole in Hawaii a few years back and followed his journey to Amsterdam to set up a café with his wife. They officially opened in the last few months after many months of work and have great plans for the café. I thought it'd be fruitful to pick Jacob's brain a bit about the project and what God taught him through it. Click the arrows on header photo to see before&after photos. AMAG: Jacob, what compelled you to create a café at the YWAM Amsterdam base? JC: Good question, I feel like that’s kind of a question with a lot to answer. I actually first came to YWAM Amsterdam a little over 3 years ago. I was leading an outreach here and during that time I became really good friends with the base leader, Reinier. After I left he asked me to consider coming back and…Continue Reading
The callings of God by Calvin Hanson
A few months back God gave me a revelation on our calling in Christ. I felt God share with me that, as Christians, “we have two callings: a primary calling, and a secondary calling.” Then, just a few weeks ago I was attending a Business and Missions Conference in Egypt and was listening to an Australian businesswoman share how many Christians are stressed and confused about their callings. She said,  “We actually have two callings, a primary calling, and a secondary calling.” She used the exact same wording. I was shocked. The primary calling is to God himself. When we decide to follow Jesus, He calls us to Himself as He did with the disciples saying, “Come, Follow Me.” When we decide, “Yes, I want to follow Jesus,” the Holy Spirit of Adoption gives us a new identity as a son/daughter in Father God’s Kingdom. Even Jesus, after His Baptism,…Continue Reading
“Fear is real, but God is bigger, and His love is stronger. My story is a testament to that. There is nothing in this world more beautiful or wonderful than God Himself, who invites us into relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. There is no greater hope for our broken humanity than that.” Dan Baumann doesn’t just write a theological, abstract book on fear and how to biblically overcome it but provides simple stories about his experience with fear from his own life. These fears include: Fear of man Fear of loneliness Fear of Failure Fear of lack of finances Fear of lack of control He has lived his life obeying God’s voice and giving his fears over to God and watching as God helps him in his weakness. His training grounds have been living in volatile, dangerous places like Afghanistan and Iran, but also everyday encounters with leaders and…Continue Reading
Lead Me by Nathan Sutlief I’m always looking for some fresh music and when I heard Nathan’s songs, I instantly wanted to share it. Nathan’s songs have strong hooks that combined with the lively guitar riffs make for fresh music. His EP is full of a variety of sounds from raw to ethereal. His worship songs hit my heart with lyrics like “Lead me Abba Lead me, to the hiding place where I see your face”. Angela Krusi’s voice compliments that of Nathan’s to create a beautiful and rich duet. Give it a listen! A word from Nathan: “Worship has always been an essential part of my life in God. I knew that I wanted to create worship music as an expression of my heart for Him. Lead Me is my first attempt at branching out and releasing some of the things that have been brewing in my heart. I try…Continue Reading
Somewhere between Kosovo and Bosnia “We missed our bus!” Christer reported back to us after returning from the ticket counter. The truth is this bus may or may not have existed. Transportation is always an adventure in this part of the world. We were in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, on our way to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina. Things had just started to fall into place before this moment. Our contacts e-mailed us back at our last pitstop, where we miraculously had wifi in the bus station, saying they would love to have us in Sarajevo. Up until that moment, we were going on faith to a city with no place to stay. I snapped out of my analytical thought process as Dan came up to us and announced, “I found a taxi with enough seats! It will cost 180 euros, but if we take it, we…
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