EQ vs IQ
Or they can lead to failure. Throughout the last few centuries, the United States’ most brilliant thinkers and philosophers  (Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, etc…) were making their mark on the world. Many of these thinkers were able to create and invent timeless and original work through novella, physics, and philosophy. What did these individuals have that separated them from the rest of society in their intelligence? A better question however, is what did these brilliant individuals have in common gave them the advantage within their given fields? Until recently, much of what society used as a litmus test was the Intelligence Quotient Exam (IQ). An IQ test determined intelligence based on a series of standardized tests and cognitive ability. As the 21st century was ushered in, CEO’s and other leaders of organizations began to face incredibly difficult and trivial complications. One of these business leaders was named…Continue Reading
Sammy Rodriguez
Who is Sammy Rodriguez? He’s a guy who smiles real big. Yeah, kind of like your old elementary school principal, but not so big it resembled the strange art teacher.  It’s a rather kind smile that conveys easy lovin’. I want you to picture a tall, Puerto Rican guy with enough charisma to fill a room. He’s a guy that loves to be in the spotlight. You might even say he comes alive, especially when it comes to “game time”. What exactly is game time? It’s the many moments on stage; it’s the nights spent at universities, parking lots, and churches nationwide speaking about the love of Jesus to hundreds of young people. It’s also the everyday moments in the grocery store when he’s altering eternal destinies in the midst of searching for cereal. On his twenty sixth birthday you’ll find him in perhaps an unexpected place. While the rest…Continue Reading
drops-rain-sky-cycle Photo by DGriebeling (with edits) FLICKR
Rain falls, it falls down Each drop unique, meets its death On this hallowed ground What is the significance of each droplet from the clouds to its demise The drop is deemed irrelevant by its death Some drops are lost forever in the mouths of plants Some drops are stored for a later death Subject to torture through purification And taken for its nutrients with millions of other companions As a group they are named rainwater A special group of drops not only survive, but also live on They become reincarnated drops of redemption Taken up to the sky in supernatural fashion Not by the small droplets strength, but by the cloud From where it first derived It is rebirthed to once again live as the water droplet.
Photo by Calvin Hanson
Passivity kills creation. It destroys the very core of who we were meant to be. Adam was passive in his calling out of Eve as she took a bite of the forbidden fruit. Instantly, perfect creation, innovation, and uniqueness dissipated. We became nothing more than normal and mortal. Do you realize your purpose, whatever it may be, is meant to be 100% different from every single person the earth? You see, our passivity invites monotonous behavior. It beckons in normality rather than a desire to vivaciously pursue the purpose for which we were made. Do you realize your purpose, whatever it may be, is meant to be 100% different from every single person the earth? People live satisfied in normality because the dreams and passions they had weren’t good enough to be fought for. In other words, they passively observed and even squandered away any opportunity of fulfilling their purpose.…Continue Reading
As I think about my life I begin to ponder “why”. There is a profundity to our existence. A marvelous, charismatic nature follows us everywhere we go. It is the beauty of life. Life is full of variables, multiple definitions, and stories. It is easy to focus solely on ourselves. Perhaps, if we are spectacularly savvy, we will be aware of our friends’ lives. Yet, outside our inner circles lay beautiful stories waiting to be heard. Should we choose to answer the knocking door, we might find the story of a prostitute in Thailand giving her body away to strangers, in order to barely put food on the table for her children. Or, we may encounter a street boy in Uganda whose life story is full of physical abuse from his HIV positive parents. It is irrelevant how many stories we are aware of, or how many people we are…Continue Reading
Embracing the misfits - WillPaul Mcdonald Photography
In 1963, a man named Stan Lee created a comic book series about humans born with superhuman abilities called “X-Men”. These superhuman abilities were mutations in the human D.N.A. that allowed humans to have special powers and abilities. Unfortunately, many of these abilities often physically altered a human’s form. Children would grow wings, grow multiple ligaments, or even display animal-like features. They were excluded from society because they did not fit the mold of what society thought normal should look like. Although we do not have the problem of being outcast for having wings or multiple arms, we all have hidden abilities that separate us from normality. In schools worldwide, children are given medication to suppress their energy levels because they are unable to sit still and listen to what is being taught. Their style of kinetic learning is not embraced, but disregarded instead. Children who verbally process are deemed…Continue Reading
Pressure. What pictures, words, or memories flow from the word “pressure”? Perhaps it’s an image of condensed, translucent gas; maybe it brings into memory tense moments of struggle in life.  What kind of pressure do you face on a daily basis? The response to pressure has become a Hollywood favorite. A classic scene typically consists of a protagonist facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances with the protagonist responding to the impossibility of success through some sort of impeccable wit. We love these scenes because it calls to our destiny to overcome pressure. We are led to believe we cannot respond in the same fashion as what Hollywood portrays because we don’t have the same ability to think and problem solve on the fly like our favorite protagonists. While we cannot overcome with supernatural powers, we have the gift of perspective. In the midst of tension and stress, certain elements become exaggerated in…Continue Reading
Wine Drop by R Nail Bradshaw - Flickr
Throughout our life hardship brings us to our knees. In many cases hardship comes at the hands of our fellow humans, sometimes even those close to us. In these moments, the pain and suffering we have experienced become a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.  For a moment we are lost at sea to cope with the injustice in our lives. The only hope of navigating through these treacherous waters is to hold tightly onto a response of love in the midst of adversity. Love adjusts to adversity in order to take a genuine and authentic interest in the lives of others; it hopes to revolutionize the way people think about love. Low points in our lives will shake us to our foundation. A story was once told about a cup of wine filled to the very brim. When affected with even the slightest of movement, it is indeed wine that spills out.…Continue Reading
Root Activation
What drives you? It’s funny, when one thinks about the word drive, the first inclination is to think of the concept of motivation or the soul force within that pushes towards a desired goal. If taken literally, the word drive means much more than a motivation. It begs the question, “what controls you?” When an individual is driving, they are controlling the direction of the wheel and ultimately the direction of the vehicle. An individual is driving the object to where she wants to go. Let’s ask the question again. What drives you? What controls your life? At the very root of the force within you, what ideas, values, or morals activate your spirit? Many of us struggle with this very question. In fact, millions live in fear of lack of financial security or a loss of love from a person or people they value. Many live for the sake of competition: bigger,…Continue Reading