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Israel is probably one of the most interesting places you could go to find such different cultures and religions living (usually peacefully) together. Most people don’t immediately think ‘muslims’ when they hear Israel, but there are actually quite a lot of them. Some cities are mixed Jewish and Arabic, but most are one or the other and overall they don’t have much in common. I had the opportunity of living in the largest Arabic city in the country for three weeks before then moving to an entirely Jewish city. The differences were astounding! It was hard to believe we were still in the same country. You can immediately tell who lives where simply by how the streets look. Whereas the Jewish roads are kept nice and clean, the Arabic streets look more like you might picture a third world country. In the Jewish cities, there might be a few scraps of…Continue Reading
As we arrive at the halfway point of our Awaken Discipleship Training School (DTS), Amy Sollars came to teach. She is a prominent teacher on the Holy Spirit. One day, we had mass baptisms in the Holy Spirit. The next, we had teaching and mass anointing in gifts of the spirit. By Wednesday, our entire class had either been hardcore rocked by God or was becoming a little bummed out by their own lack of encounters. God moves in unexplainable ways. Why he encounters some so strongly, some gradually and others not in physical ways is a mystery. We have to trust that God is indeed moving in everybody’s lives and hearts regardless of physical manifestations. We saw so many students encountered by God in ways that will truly change their lives forever. People were called into missions long term, freed from strongholds, and given the Holy Spirit in truly amazing ways.…Continue Reading
Climb Mountain
I have been climbing this mountain for who knows how long; I do it for Him every single step, but the rocks are still sharp. We climb this mountain that stands before me and traverse its craggy precipices together. He walks with me and I try to hear His voice tell me which way to turn, which path to take. He guides me and is there to comfort me when I trip and fall. The rocks are rough and sharp, they pierce my skin every time I am forced to drop to my knees. There are jumps to be made and cliff faces to shimmy up when I encounter them. Easy stretches and harder ones along the way each bring their own challenges and situations to overcome. I am told it is worth it for what lies on the other side and He truly never leaves my side, but I…Continue Reading