Ripple Drops - Flickr Gian Luigi Perrella
I never wanted it to be because of my words, my persuasion, my hand, but I wanted the Truth to capsize people, like it capsized us that day. Simon and I had begun our conversations about love, life, dreams, purpose, and Truth two months before. The answer felt near and plain, but it was our eyes— our hearts that held us captive to the dark. We felt blind and numb to the face in front of us then; at least, I did. It was all grey that morning. We sat side by side. We were together but removed, drawn to the same source, but in our minds, miles apart— pelting pebbles into the shallow edges of the reservoir. After what seemed like days, it began to burn inside of me; I could hold it in no longer. It rang out, sore and stinging from my lips, into the frigid air;…Continue Reading
Play the Rain
Stella, with her four-year-old doe legs, pranced around the room humming some unintelligible song, then nestled herself into my lap with one swift leap.  We were sitting at Pop-Pop’s baby grand, the one that filled the corner of his den, the one that often tinkered along on winter nights to the slow rise of flame in the fireplace. I never had lessons, but those keys had melodies that I spent hours in the pursuit of discovering. Stella sat upright and turned her round-cheeked face toward mine and said, “Play the rain. But don’t play the rain outside right now, play the rain that will fall tonight, when we are tucked in, almost asleep.” Quite the order it was, but like many of Stella’s instinctive requests, my heart felt awakened with the invitation. Stella hopped down, pulled a throw from the sofa, and dragged it across the floor to drape over…Continue Reading
The Invitation - Jessica - AwakenMAG
My favorite nights are what I call “some nights”. Some nights, when I sit with my Bible in my lap, I find that God’s love has never changed. I feel as if I’m reading the words for the first time, honestly, with some shame that they seem so new. But in a moment, shame is consumed by the grace of God, and as if with the turn of a page, pools of forgiveness render me speechless as they spill out upon my fingertips, marking me, “Blameless”. Some nights, I discover again that His love is big—much deeper than the shallow efforts I make. I realize that only by His love can I attempt to share it. In those late hours, I realize I am wading in a river of grace, and I cannot neglect the invitation He offers me. Not to simply endure have I been asked, but to learn…Continue Reading
Supernatural touch Brilliant paradox
Some evenings ago, I found myself simultaneously beautiful and ugly. While beautiful in sincerity, I had puffy eyes, and snot running down my face. I was sobbing, asking to hear God’s audible voice, which is where I ran into a dilemma. I have been so content in times in which I have had no evidence, as Jesus said, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing me” (John 20:29). But I also know that He moves in wondrous ways to reveal His love, and I wasn’t compromising a blessing by asking. His rest washed over me as I began to turn over in my heart, what I call, “The Brilliant Paradox.” The Pharisees observed Jesus and saw only paradox, and not it’s brilliance. We must grow to understand the symbiotic novelty of becoming simultaneously desperate and content, hungry and filled, insatiable and satisfied. We must realize that it is okay to…Continue Reading
The Dangerous Place - Darken Wooden Land
A few months ago, I sat down for coffee and witnessed the unraveling of mankind—in the form of two young boys. As mimicking and ridicule festered, I watched as the younger formed a tiny fist and maliciously smacked it into the side of his mocker’s head. I muffled my gasp and stared. It was not an awful damage, thankfully, but it led me into an awful thought. There is a simplicity and transparency worn by children. Their motives, though sometimes shocking, are obvious. And despite the sometimes-horrifying repercussions that ensue their actions, I admire their sincerity. There is in every man a transition. It is a strange and critical moment when the temptation to deceive creeps in. And though the most liberating fantasy is the dream of being pure, without any wrong intention, we fall to the wayside. We seem only to naturally grow, from transparent children into masterful actors,…Continue Reading