Projecto En
Today is one of those Mississippi days to remember. I’m at a coffee shop in downtown Jackson surrounded by wonderful people and the sun is shining so bright I can barely read the words I’m typing on the screen. After being back home for a bit, I’m reminded why I love this place so much. I believe Faulkner nailed it when he said “To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” God abundantly rewards the bold and the faithful I left off my last piece with the worship project that I’m apart of in Spain called Proyecto En releasing our first full length worship album. The project is basically a group of worshippers, song writers and musicians living in Barcelona that recorded a worship album to give away for free so that Spanish-speaking people could worship to songs written in their own language. Reminiscing about the…Continue Reading
Step up to the mic and worship
Back in March of 2009, I made the plunge to leave good ole’ Mississippi to be an English teacher in Barcelona, Spain. I decided to leave behind so many things that made me who I was back in the States. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was a musician when I got here, mainly because I associated a lot of my running away from God with music. I pretended like I had never seen a microphone before and at the beginning it was incredibly refreshing but you can only run from who you really are for so long. I got to start over and figure out who I actually wanted to be as a person outside of the music game. It was an incredible gift to learn who I was in Christ without feeling the necessity to sing about it. My past with music is a bit weird.…Continue Reading