The world we live in revolves around, around and around again. We breathe and dance in the light and we exhale and sleep in the dark. But our globe finds itself both under the sun and under the moon at the same time. The winds bring paradoxically cooling breezes and winter tempests. The flowers blossom and bloom, but leaves also fall and frost. Our watches go tick-tock as the hands circle sixty steps. The hour can be noon for some, but night for others. Indeed. The world we exist in consists of different seasons and various times. And it’s all occurring and ordered by an ordinary word called—change. I’ll stop my intro there, a wee attempt to make an allusion to what will be told. Soon and very soon you will be reading (hopefully) about divine seasons and times. By that I don’t mean mere physical seasons, like, autumn and…Continue Reading
By the Light Josh Garrels - art by Calvin Hanson
Have you ever walked down a hallway and suddenly the lights turns off?  What about strolling along a pathway at dark and the streetlights out of the blue stops illuminating your next steps? Or when on a thunderous night you hear the deep roars of the sky and in the blink of an eye, your well-lit house darkens? In all three occurrences there is one thing all of us do. “… darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water” (Genesis 1:2 CJB) We stand still. Movement naturally stops. You cease to walk down the hallway, the stroll is interfered with an interlude and your socializing at home is substituted by silence. This might be for merely a second or the halt can last several minutes. But what really happens though? It’s more then a mere physical stoppage. The…Continue Reading
I love strength. All of us have some sort of a fascination towards strength and excellence.  I love success. All of us have a desire for greatness and prosperity. I love quality.  No matter who we are or what we believe, good standards are highly valued. There are set competitions and formal tests on who are the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, the most enduring and much more. We love to compete and determine who is elite. And it’s done in myriads of forms. Our dollar bills or whatever currency you use goes into it as well. The pursuit of strength is intense in our age. What about success? We love to tell and hear about stories that ended great. Successful people are favored and highly honored. Our generation is also obsessed with quality. We look at tags and ingredients to see if it is befitting. I hate weakness. Like…Continue Reading
A young man is sitting inside the tent of meeting. He remains after the courageous servant, Moses of Israel, has finished speaking to the Mighty One face to face. Moses was found pleasing to this Mighty God. He believed the promises and the words of the loving and gracious Lord. Howbeit many of his people struggled, holding a firm grip on God, even when the Lord of Hosts went before them as a pillar of fire by night and removed Israel’s barriers and crushed their foes with His zeal. Thankfully, the young man was different. Ergo after toilsome years in the Paran desert, Joshua the son of Nun succeeded God’s servant Moses as the general of Israel. After Moses’ death, Joshua’s best friend gives him a great appeal. The God of Israel tells Joshua that he will take hold of the longed-for promise land. These borders have been Israel’s cry…Continue Reading
The Landing backstage
Old brick buildings boldly boast in prime perspectives and arrogant accomplishments as some simpletons stroll the campus of an Ivy League School. We walk the campuses of the world-famed universities, located on the North East coast of America. Thousand of eyes have looked upon these historic walls. Thousand of ears have heard the messages immersed in them and thousands have entered within to spend a season of life. As you all know the western clock claims we’re at 2013 Anno Domini. But those walls got established hundred years ago. And the pioneering years of these Ivy League Schools are known as wonderful and applauded by many. Ministers and missionaries initially made the educational toil here. Preparing to serve God’s wonderful sons and daughters, whether it was nationally or internationally. We continue to walk our simple journey amidst these brick-jungles on the North East. Sometimes talking to the dwellers here, other…Continue Reading
When did we separate those treasured words from each other? I wonder, when grace and holiness took of on facing journeys? Sundry opinions of both are drifting around in the Christian ocean. The standpoints give us resemblance of pirate boats blitzing in the Caribbean. These two blessed words are usually divorced, disconnected and indeed different in the minds and hearts of us, Messianic Sailors. Alas, how we fervently hate that! Therefore enroll in this simple attempt of redemption, as we reunite these two estranged yet mighty brothers. “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” Titus 2:11-13 The cooperation between grace and holiness is clearly shown above. As I introduce…Continue Reading