Risk for Reward
What is the cost of truly living? Risk. What risk’s reward? Living. It’s basic math. So, why is it difficult to move towards that which will make us most alive? What is it about giving our hearts to a person or a place or some thing that is so daunting it paralyzes us or causes us to run in the wrong direction and hide. What does it take to look at our fear in the face, take a deep breath, and jump in? I also accept that with the possibilities of pain, failure and looking like a fool, come the exciting expectations of love, winning and becoming a heroic example—becoming another story of a real person who jumped and did not regret it. Risk requires that I be ‘all in’. I must commit. Although my actions might not play out as I imagine, the reward is sure: living fully alive.…Continue Reading
Dreams Come True
One of the greatest honors and joys of staffing the last Awaken DTS-July school and co-leading a seven-person team to Barcelona, Spain was meeting and doing life with Shawn Kim. Born in California and hailing from Chicago, Illinois Shawn is unlike anyone you have ever known. He possesses the purity of what it means to be childlike while grasping the wildest revelations of the Kingdom I have ever heard. While in Barcelona,  the Lord unleashed a new level of musical creativity and boldness in him. I witnessed a boy becoming a man by stepping further into his destiny and trusting God  for who he was created to be: one in passionate pursuit of His Spirit. Here is a taste of transformation and glimpse into the power of dreaming with the Lord.  // Ba Rham(Wind)- A Good Shawn Original// AMag: Why are you passionate about creating music? Kim: Music is awesome! I’m…Continue Reading
Cambodian boy by Taren Maroun
“The King of Cambodia died on Monday” The day we arrived at the Khnach Romease Village, Pastor Vanny announced this during the evening’s worship and prayer time at the orphanage we’d decided to spend our week-long Pchum Bun holiday in. Together, our outreach team of 10 and the 31 kids who live at the orphanage prayed for the country. These children offered their petitions to God with more fervor than grown men It was one of the most stirring moments I have ever witnessed or been a part of. These children offered their petitions to God with more fervor than grown men. Eyes clenched, hands raised, and swaying back ‘n’ forth as we simultaneously prayed in our own languages. When everyone else had quieted down, these two little boys (Chert and Darinth) were standing there side by side, still going strong. They were in their own little world. One could…Continue Reading