Adoption is a very important concept for a Jesus follower because it defines how we join the family of God. Like many concepts that are important in life, the best way to learn them is through experience. That is how adoption was opened up to me, through my own experience.

What if I canʼt love this baby like my first son Jude?

My husband and I always wanted to adopt. We had a biological son first named Jude and he changed my life. I love him so much and he made me realize the biggest purpose for my life was to be his mom. I had a very difficult pregnancy and I was not prepared to go through that again. We felt it was time to consider adoption. There are many fears that I walked through to make a decision to adopt.

What if I canʼt love this baby like my first son Jude? What if the birth mom changes her mind? What if there is something wrong with the baby?

Melodie and Noah

You really need to trust God and allow Him to be in control. I have found that it is situations that grow trust, patience, love and other gifts and not some spiritual encounter. When you pray for trust, God will give you a situation where your heart is so in it you have to trust him. I’m thankful for that. We started the process for a domestic adoption (adoption within the USA).

After three weeks we got a call about the potential of a birth mom interested in choosing us. Her name was Jessica and she was 21. She lived in Nevada. I was so excited and scared at the same time. We had to do a conference call with her and her caseworker so she could decide, from one phone conversation, if we were to spend a lifetime with her child. Talk about pressure! We fumbled through it and she ended up liking us and choosing us.

From there itʼs a waiting game. She was due in three months so we spent that time talking to her on the phone and trying to get to know her. We found out she was having a boy. We chose a name, Noah Samuel, and we got a nursery ready. It was a conflicting time, I started opening my heart to this child that I had never been in the same state with or felt the kick in my belly but something in me was telling me to protect my heart.

I felt like God showed me that this child deserved my whole heart whether or not I become his mother.

I felt like God showed me that this child deserved my whole heart whether or not I become his mother. I started to love him with my whole heart. I also fell in love with his mother. She is a sweet, strong, amazing woman who took the difficult road for her heart so that her son would not have to. She had the strength to recognize her weakness and chose life for a baby she couldnʼt keep. I will be eternally grateful for her sacrifice.

Jessica went into labor 2 1/2 weeks early. We got the call the day that her doctor told her she was going to go into labor that weekend. We purchased plane tickets and headed to Nevada. We met with Jessica on a Saturday at McDonalds. I remember the day clearly. Jed, Jude, and I waited for what felt like forever for a pregnant girl to walk into that McDonalds.


Some names changed for privacy purposes

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Melodie Aho
is a wife and a loving mother of three. She has a heart to bring awareness to adoption. Her and her husband Jed run and lead Fascinate Transformation Schools around the world. She can whip up delicious meals on the spot, so stop by her house in Greenville, South Carolina for a good meal and great wisdom!