“Wow, 4th time in.”  I thought to myself.  “It almost seems…easy.”

I’m beginning to think part of the enemy’s strategy in trying to keep this nation under spiritual oppression is convincing the church that it’s impossible to go into North Korea, and that even if they did, there’s not much they could do. My experiences lately have taught me otherwise, while there is truth in that the nation is still under communist rule, and discretion needs to be exercised when going in, there’s much accuracy in the fact that a nation is being shifted as believers pray on the land and show love to those whom they come in contact with.

How do I know the spiritual climate is different? Two years ago, when I went in for the first time, I felt the heaviness of communism all around me. It was hard to maintain hope as we were paraded around from one tourist “attraction” to another. While we did get to show love to our tour guides, who are with you from the moment you enter the country to the moment you leave, we found it tough to believe we had much of an impact.

I walked around with such joy, hope and faith that God was truly visiting a nation!

Now, 2012, I walked around with such joy, hope and faith that God was truly visiting a nation!  As if a fog had lifted, and you no longer questioned what might be ahead, we knew that revival and spiritual awakening was in the near future.  The church has long foretold of the walls of communism that would crumble, and that someday we would see a nation free from the fear of walking openly with God.

I believe that time is just around the corner. If I had to guess, I would say a matter of a few years. Why wouldn’t we have faith for that?  Let’s not have a faith that simply says “God CAN do anything”, but an active faith that declares “God IS doing something”. People are praying, God is responding.

North KoreansHere’s a quick account of one of the many God moments we had on this trip:

North Korea is a place of great natural beauty. One of the things we were able to do was hike a mountain named Kumgangsan, it was a couple-hour to hike to the top. It was an amazing opportunity to break into smaller groups and get by ourselves where we could openly read Scripture and claim land for the Kingdom. A few friends and I read Isaiah 60 from the highest point and occasionally shouted “Jesus” at the top of our lungs. I personally tried quoting some Korean Scripture I have been trying to memorize!

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