As soon as people started catching up to where we were, it was our cue to turn around and head back down the mountain. We returned to the bus a good hour before everyone else. While we were there, my friend, we’ll call “E”, went to the bus that was parked next to us where a few North Korean citizens were sitting. They had a bus equipped with a mic for tours…and/or karaoke. E watched them as they sang, and then asked if she could sing. So she began to sing “Amazing Grace” over the system.

Before we knew it, hundreds of Koreans circled around the event.  We were all trying to sing one another’s songs. We all wanted to be together.

Soon, more and more curious onlookers began to make there way over to where we were. For about half an hour we took turns singing songs. They would sing a traditional Korean song, while we would sing a worship song. Before we knew it, hundreds of Koreans circled around the event.  We were all trying to sing one another’s songs. We all wanted to be together.

All stereotypes diminished in light of the fact that we were human, and in that we were all equal. We all need and long to be loved. As temples of the Holy Spirit, E, myself and our believing friends with us, collectively brought them into an expression of fellowship, that I believed marked them with something of Heaven. Our prayers and act of love goes beyond what we realize.

Freedom. Singing. Harmony. Dancing. Unity. The atmosphere was filled with the presence of God, and while many didn’t realize that they were part of a prophetic act, where the Holy Spirit was present, they were experiencing the Kingdom. There’s not a question in my mind that in that moment, God was smiling on all of us.

To me, it was a beautiful picture of what God is doing in that nation. Reconciling relationships, to one another, and to Him, as their heavenly Father.

After a while, our guides made their way back down the mountain and saw the crowd that had gathered. At first I thought we would be in trouble, but they simply dispersed the crowd, and without saying much, asked us to get on the bus. They didn’t really reference the event again, but their disposition towards us was just as friendly as it had always been. I think they were actually pleased it happened.

My conclusion to this short account, is that God is moving, not always in ways we think or want Him to, but moving regardless. He’s more committed to these precious people than we’ll ever be. Our prayers our never in vain, and I’m an eye-witness account of that. Let hope arise in your hearts for the hardest and darkest, because they’re not so “hard and dark” to the Father of lights. North Korea will see salvations, healing and the kingdom of God come in power!

Photo graciously provided by Sam Chang and the author of the article. Some faces blurred for security purposes.

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