What is Christmas cooking without a good sugar cookie! I make them just for the fun of cutting out and decorating! This is a great way to gather friends together.

Delicious Sugar Cookies by Bethany ReidHave a cookie party, decorate together and then deliver to local homeless people or even just pass out on the streets! We have done this the past several years with dear friends wherever we are and itʼs become our FAVORITE Christmas tradition. Oh my…Iʼm so excited to do it this year!

Photos graciously provided by Hannah Siegrist

Roll-Out Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookie Recipes

By Bethany Reid Published: December 22, 2012

    One tip: I have made many sugar cookies that do not hold their pretty shapes once you cook them. The trick is to add enough flour that the dough is very firm. Donʼt worry, thereʼs enough sugar in any cookie to balance out that much flour! Also I havenʼt really found a good grain-free version for sugar cookies... sometimes you just have to eat a little gluten I guess!



    1. Beat BUTTER and RAW SUGAR together with a hand mixer (or some good christmas elbow grease) until light, fluffy, and creamy.
    2. Add and Beat together EGG, VANILLA EXTRACT, AND ALMOND EXTRACT.
    3. Add and Beat Together FLOUR AND BAKING POWDER.
    4. No need to chill, just begin rolling! Roll these out, cut shapes, and bake on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.
    5. Bake @ 400°F for 6-7 minutes.
    6. Decorate as you feel inspired.
    Bethany Reid
    and her husband, Jeff, lead a community of Jesus followers in Cape Town, South Africa. They are passionate about discipleship, community, sports, food and fashion. And they love YWAM. Follow them at: www.followthereids.com