4 ripe bananas (smooshed – this is when kids come in handy)
1 egg
¾ c raw sugar (or regular brown if thats what you have)
½ c melted coconut oil (or butter, itʼs cheaper!)
1 tsp vanilla

Mix together with a hand beater (or some elbow grease!) until very smooth and a little fluffy. Then sift on top:

¾ c. rice flour
¾ c. almond flour
1 tsp baking soda
¼ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp xanthum gum (it holds anything gluten free together.. makes it less crumbly)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp sea salt

Fold in the dry ingredients until just incorporated and no lumps are left.
Spoon into lined ( or greased) muffin tins and bake @ 350° for 12-15 mins until just browned on top. [/one_half]

[one_half_last]Gluten-free Banana Muffins

With a house full of children, hungry young people, athletic husbands, and visiting missionaries, I need to have healthy snacks on hand. Over the years I have moved away from the standard granola bars and boxes of cereal, desiring to totally get rid of everything processed in our diets. I recommend you do the same! You will have more energy and will live longer to serve the Lord![/one_half_last]

Enter the MUFFIN

So many variations, and they are easy to grab quickly on your way out the door or when more than expected are at your coffee table. A good muffin recipe is a must for any community house!

This one is gluten-free, but you can just substitute regular flour of wheat agrees with you.

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Bethany Reid
and her husband, Jeff, lead a community of Jesus followers in Cape Town, South Africa. They are passionate about discipleship, community, sports, food and fashion. And they love YWAM. Follow them at: www.followthereids.com