In 1963, a man named Stan Lee created a comic book series about humans born with superhuman abilities called “X-Men”. These superhuman abilities were mutations in the human D.N.A. that allowed humans to have special powers and abilities. Unfortunately, many of these abilities often physically altered a human’s form. Children would grow wings, grow multiple ligaments, or even display animal-like features. They were excluded from society because they did not fit the mold of what society thought normal should look like.

Although we do not have the problem of being outcast for having wings or multiple arms, we all have hidden abilities that separate us from normality. In schools worldwide, children are given medication to suppress their energy levels because they are unable to sit still and listen to what is being taught. Their style of kinetic learning is not embraced, but disregarded instead. Children who verbally process are deemed annoying and troublesome by their teachers because their questions go directly against the culture of passive agreement.

We are taught to suppress the abilities given to us that separate us from normality; we are highly encouraged to fit the status quo. Rather than suppress the energy of children, what if we trained them to be influencers and risk takers. Instead of marginalizing the verbal processors, what if we walked with them to become powerful and articulate orators? The hope is two pronged. What if we began to rediscover what our mutant power is? What if our mindset was revolutionized to fully embrace the mutant and stray away from what is normal?

Beautiful header photo provided by WillPaul McDonald

Daniel Chae is the Founder of EQ Plus+ Consulting Services. He works alongside people to help them grow in their gifts and talents; his work has taken him to nearly every continent. Daniel is currently based in the Bay Area, California and attends Baylor University.