We can live in a world of Doom, Gloom, and Fear —or— Faith, Hope and Love.

We can choose to believe that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and at any moment asteroids, earthquakes, and tidal waves will destroy the earth.


We can risk everything in faith to change the world around us by expanding the Kingdom of our Father.

We can choose to believe that God is weak, distant, and disinterested and Satan’s plans to kill, steal, and destroy are inevitable.


We can believe that God has plans of new life, restoration, and reconciliation for those across the globe, standing on the truth that nothing is impossible with God.

We can choose to live in a zero-sum game, poverty mindset where there isn’t enough, hoarding because there isn’t enough to go around.


We can give of ourselves generously in love—free of fear, knowing that with the measure we give it will be given to us.

We choose which world we live in.

We can treat every person in love, believing God has plans full of hope—His Kingdom is always expanding, knowing that we are called as the agent of change in that very moment to step out in faith so that the un-manifested plans of God’s love bursts into existence


We can relate to each person in fear, holding back in distrust, believing darkness is growing stronger in the earth, and that we are powerless to stop it.

What world do you choose? Who will you be?

Aden E. Wright lives Middle East. Aden is laboring among the Muslim people groups to establish houses of prayer across the Middle East so that the Arab world might seek and find God (Amos 9:11). Aden writes at AdenEzra.com