Life is full. We go from a work to a birthday party of a friend to a church function. On our down time, we are double-tapping Instagram photos and liking Facebook statuses. Life hooks us into its carousel and we spin and spin and see years pass us by rapidly.

I thought I was in High School still! What happened? Now, I am married and have a kid.

We’ve been in the carousel so long, we don’t even know we are spinning. Our reality becomes the carousel and we feel weird even thinking about getting off. Being disconnected for a day from social media seems just plain uncomfortable. Don’t even mention taking a day of solitude.

Is there an alternative way? Does this carousel life own our schedule? Take a minute and think who is actually in control of your schedule? Is it you?

  1. Map out your usual week schedule. Track how much time you spend on things you actually don’t want to waste time on and how much time is reserved for the things that matter.
  2. Pray. Ask God for discernment. How can you take away the activities that are robbing you of what you actually want to do and feel called to do by God? How can you add activities that bring you life and help you walk toward your goals?
  3. In the next three weeks, try out your new schedule. During the three weeks, make sure you give yourself grace in behavioral changes and experience and notice things that make you feel uncomfortable and ask yourself “why?” Do you see you are lacking discipline in some area? Ask God for his power and grace to change stubborn behavioral changes.

We can be intentional with our time or time will swing us around. It’s our choice. Time has already made up its mind. Of course, different seasons of life bring about a need to adjust our schedule. Our schedule should be a framework to help us use our time wisely.

It’s time to get off the carousel and get on the beautiful path God has for us.

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with his wife Camille are focused on the discipleship of people into their true identities and callings. They have a passion to release creativity and freedom in God. They are currently living in the Barcelona area.