Rain falls, it falls down

Each drop unique, meets its death

On this hallowed ground

What is the significance of each droplet

from the clouds to its demise

The drop is deemed irrelevant by its death

Some drops are lost forever in the mouths of plants

Some drops are stored for a later death

Subject to torture through purification

And taken for its nutrients with millions of other companions

As a group they are named rainwater

A special group of drops not only survive, but also live on

They become reincarnated drops of redemption

Taken up to the sky in supernatural fashion

Not by the small droplets strength, but by the cloud

From where it first derived

It is rebirthed to once again live as the water droplet.

Daniel Chae is the Founder of EQ Plus+ Consulting Services. He works alongside people to help them grow in their gifts and talents; his work has taken him to nearly every continent. Daniel is currently based in the Bay Area, California and attends Baylor University.