The most vibrant season of the year seems to flee all too fast. We get just a few short weeks of trees bursting with color, crisp air surrounding us, and the smell of pumpkin-tasting treats we’ve been anticipating for months to enjoy.

This year, I had the joy of spend my favorite season in a brand new place, in a completely new season. Pennsylvania might just be one of the most gorgeous states; endless rolling hills covered in trees, lavish, spacious farms, and simple living.

Fall Sarah Wenz PennsylvaniaThis picture to our right is probably my favorite picture from this fall—as the season comes to an end. I am reminded of the physical, weather changing seasons we get to experience each year; and with that, the seasons that seem to make up our lives. Each brings its own characteristics: seasons changing, beautiful, weary, uprooting, difficult, joy-filled—all which we get to share and learn from.

I am reminded that change is ok.

Reminded that, we were created to grow and to be made like Him, which comes from change, from these very seasons.

I am reminded to hold onto these seasons in life all so tightly, for they will surely pass too soon and I will miss the lesson trying to be taught to me.

It seems that before something turns and seals in our hearts, something ‘dies’ in a sense- similar to these brilliant leaves that soon will turn brown, fall off the tree, and be covered in snow. How is something so exquisite, and one moment later, gone?

Similar to this dying of the leaves, comes death from a struggle in our hearts, or death of a challenging season in life- and something new is birthed. something we weren’t expecting—but one that we embrace and move forward in.

Just as He is faithful with the seasons of the earth, He is faithful to seasons in our hearts.

I am reminded of His faithfulness as we wait in eager expectation for fall, something He seems adamant about blessing us with year after year, a precious gift. Just as He is faithful with the seasons of the earth, He is faithful to seasons in our hearts. We can have hope in that.

He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.” –Acts 1:7

Hope this finds you all well, no matter what season you are in, may it be a beautiful one that the Lord is taking you through, molding you more and more into the creation He’s designed you to be.

Let’s live in this season!

Photo graciously provided by Illusive Photography

Sarah Little
likes to write about testimonies of the Lord, what He is teaching & revealing to her and how He is challenging her. Her and her husband Chris live in Pennsylvania.