That Faithful Witness in the Sky

On the heels of being given the dream for his life, Joseph immediately entered into a pit of despair. Literally, a pit. In Genesis 37, after receiving his promise and dream, Joseph is betrayed by his brothers, stripped of his robe, and left for dead in a pit awaiting the arrival of a ravenous beast looking for a feast.

Sounds prosperous, palatable, and promising, right? Actually no, it’s the exact opposite of what Joe had been promised just a few verses before. So how do we explain this? I’ve heard it said that “p-i-t” stands for “prophet-in-training”. It seems to be a way of God to give a promise, and then He will allow circumstances to arise in life to test our motives, our obedience, and form us into the image of Jesus more and more so that when the promise comes to pass, the glory is solely given to God, and not us.

At the end of the day, God seems to be pleased with delaying a fulfilled promise for the purpose of capturing our entire hearts. During this season of discouragement, disillusionment, confusion, hopelessness and unbelief we are forced to trust in the sovereign, loving Father. Joseph had no access to climbing gear, no access to levitating powers, no access to a ladder; there was nothing in his power that he could do to deliver himself and fulfill the promise. His sole reliance had to be in God.

As the sun set below the horizon and darkness began to enclose him, I imagine Joseph stared at the stars and the moon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the moon symbolically brought him comfort. Continually faithful to shine and arrive, night after night. Just around the corner Joseph’s first deliverance into hope was coming. In the midst of darkened valleys and confused paths.

There’s always a constant. The moon, in all it’s splendor, shining, guiding you towards the promise. The moon prophesies of The Faithful Witness in the sky. God, the faithful one “who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”(Phil 1:6)


Photo by ARBYREED FLICKR Creative Commons

Tyler Connell
is a YWAM missionary and graduate of the University of Washington. He loves to worship Jesus in song, word, and action. His desire is to see the poor, unreached and least of the world come to know the wonderful love of Jesus. He is also passionate about mobilizing hundreds of thousands into obedience unto Jesus' commands.