Over the past 6,000 years, #radical has been trending across humanity. We have been pushing the bounds of man’s physical capabilities though incredible innovation. It is fantastic.  In the past 100 years, this underlying current has put a man on the moon–#thefinalfrontier—performed successful heart transplants –#modernmedicine—and placed the world in the palm of our hands–#iphone.

In the vast world of Christendom, we have our sub-cultural hashtags that we subconsciously stamp our lives with: #radical, #soldout, #hardestdarkest, #GO #everynationeverysoul. This subculture of believers are following the same trend of the world—#extreme—yet to bring glory to God, not their own name. The language of being “great” before God as a radical lover and servant of Him is transforming the world.

God does not need a radical generation. God is looking for a generation tagged with #faithfulness, #diligence, #perseverance, and #love.

There is, however, a deadly poison laced in these labels that we give ourselves. If we aren’t careful, our vision becomes blurred as we try to glimpse the next #radical thing God might be doing, in hopes to be there when it starts. It isn’t long before #radical&fruitful becomes #irrational&burntout.

God does not need a radical generation. God is looking for a generation tagged with #faithfulness, #diligence, #perseverance, and #love.

In Leviticus 16:12, God commands Aaron, when he would enter the Holy of Holies once a year on the Day of Atonement, to place two handful of incense on the altar so that a cloud of incense might cover the mercy seat and God might be merciful. At first glance, two handfuls may seem insufficient. Perhaps a radical person would say, “Two handfuls? That is weak. I’ll bring a whole sack of incense and really change the world.” In their pride, Mr. & Mrs. Radical burn out in a year, while, in their obedience, Mr. & Mrs. Diligent transform the world through 70 years of weakness.

God is not looking for radicals. We merely need to carry love for God, and love for others. Two small handfuls of love is all that is required.

Aden E. Wright lives Middle East. Aden is laboring among the Muslim people groups to establish houses of prayer across the Middle East so that the Arab world might seek and find God (Amos 9:11). Aden writes at AdenEzra.com