Heart Inspiration Behind the Song

The heart of this song was birthed out of a spontaneous intercession and worship time in Herrnhut, Germany. A group of missionaries were crying out in prayer for the salvation of souls in Western Europe and a returning to the love of the Father.

In a world wrecked with the injustices of abuse, rejection and pain, an entire generation is searching endlessly for a green pasture, a place of rest, an anchor for their weary souls.

The only place of rest is found in a Man, the Man of love, Jesus, for God is love and Jesus is God. As we began to prophesy in the place of prayer singing, “Let Love be your anchor!”, we felt a tangible shift in the heavenly realms and were confident and full of expectant faith that the fruition of our prayer would be a tangible reaping of souls for the Kingdom of God.

Sure enough, over the next 3 months we saw hundreds of miraculous salvations in Turkey, England, Wales, Ireland and Germany. Sons and daughters coming home anchoring their hearts and lives into the Love of their Savior

“Anchor Love” by Tyler Connell from Shane Faye on Vimeo.

Anchor Love


Broken sisters walk the line

While broken brothers drown their shame

Searching high and low for love 

The grave their only friend

But there is a Man who comes and says

The love story is all but dead



Let Love be the anchor to your heart, Let Love be the answer to your pain 



The pain of yesteryear

gone in a day

A love unending a love so deep

Swept me up out of my sleep 

And now my song has begun 

And I sing.  


Original Words and Music by Tyler Connell. Anchor Love image created by Calvin Hanson. Video filming by Shane Faye.

Tyler Connell
is a YWAM missionary and graduate of the University of Washington. He loves to worship Jesus in song, word, and action. His desire is to see the poor, unreached and least of the world come to know the wonderful love of Jesus. He is also passionate about mobilizing hundreds of thousands into obedience unto Jesus' commands.