Sometimes in our quest for the future, our quest for calling, and our quest of planning and scheming; we forget to see the one, the need, in front of us. We often times pray for revival, and use words, and dare I say buy into fluffy “feel good” hype about the subject of revival, but when a need, an uncomfortable need, is placed in front of us, many of us (including myself) would rather go to the meeting; enjoy songs, maybe even receive “Holy Spirit chills” and talk about revival and the nations to ease our consciences when an orphaned world is at our door step waiting to be loved.

He reconciled us to God, releasing the Spirit of adoption upon our lives thereby making us sons and daughters of the Father.

Thankfully there is a man named Jesus, who paid the highest price and walked down death’s alley, so we no longer would need to frequent it’s cold streets. He reconciled us to God, releasing the Spirit of adoption upon our lives thereby making us sons and daughters of the Father. The greatest miracle, waiting for every human being. We must SHARE. This song is inspired out of this burden. My prayer is that we all would truly live the way Jesus lived and not just “talk” about it. White-washed tombs will be no good before the Father at the Judgement Seat.


Orphaned No Longer

Orphaned she walked down these roads

And aimless faces walked on by

In bubbles of self they blind their guilt

And starving she screams

Will somebody, will somebody help me, Where do I belong?


And as He walked down that road

Thorns in forehead couldn’t blur

The face of Love


Now she began to fly

On streets in the sky

And as she wakes the song she hears is

O child, my love, safe with me for eternity


Then she sings

No orphans in the arms

Tyler Connell
is a YWAM missionary and graduate of the University of Washington. He loves to worship Jesus in song, word, and action. His desire is to see the poor, unreached and least of the world come to know the wonderful love of Jesus. He is also passionate about mobilizing hundreds of thousands into obedience unto Jesus' commands.