In September, Jeremiah and Katie Gibson set out from Texas, believing that God was calling them to a round-the-world faith journey. As with most faith journeys, they didn’t know where they’d end up or how they’d afford it. They simply said “yes” to God’s call and trusted that he would work out the details.

GibsonsFive months and six locations later, they stumbled into my apartment in Prishtina, Kosovo, exhausted from an all-night travel schedule made worse by delays.

After some rest and a strong cup of tea, the Gibsons told me how their global adventure began. When they got engaged last winter, both Jeremiah and Katie had a heart for missions. As they prepared for marriage, they sought God’s plan for their first year together, hopeful that he might release them to minister in the nations.

Ten months passed with little direction. Then the Gibsons began receiving “go” words. Friends had visions and prophetic words for them, all pointing towards travel.

They saw Jesus holding a compass that pointed east. They saw elephants and mountains. They saw Jesus holding nations in his palm, saying, “Pick.”

Once they saw the big picture—a faith journey around the world—they realized that God had been pointing towards this all along, though small words here and there. “When we felt like he wasn’t speaking, he really was,” Katie said. “When you’re focused on one big word, it overshadows the little ones.”

“When you’re focused on one big word, it overshadows the little ones.”

God’s plan for their first year was clear: go with haste and serve the global church.

The couple wed in August, and less than a month later they hit the road, beginning with a stint in New York City and then making their way through Europe. Along the way, they’ve spent time preaching, encouraging individuals, serving in local ministries, and praying for each nation and church.

“Each place is different, but overall we see the need and purpose for prayer everywhere,” Jeremiah said. “It doesn’t seem that important, but if that’s the only reason God is sending us [to a country], it’s important.”

Though the Gibsons’ journey is global, their focus remains on individuals, and their stories reflect it. In Scotland, they were able to heal a woman’s back and also lead her through inner healing. In England, they handed out blankets and water to party-goers stumbling home. In Kosovo, they joined me in serving and praying for a missionary with cancer.

“God cares about that one person. That’s our mission, that’s our goal,” Jeremiah said.

“Each person is a part of the church, which is our call and purpose,” Katie agreed.

The Gibsons are also passionate about calling individuals into greater faith and obedience. Along their journey, locals have been encouraged by their story and the fact that they came to that nation despite cost and inconvenience. Though their ministry is far from ordinary, the Gibsons affirm that anyone can follow their example, if God calls them to do it.

“I believe God has made us for adventure…to do things beyond our ability to do,” Jeremiah said.

“I believe God has made us for adventure…to do things beyond our ability to do,” Jeremiah said. “The great adventure of today, especially for Christians, is being obedient to the Lord completely. That may look different for different people.”

“It’s the perfect formula for a life of fulfillment,” Katie said. “Take the word [God gives you], walk it out, and be fulfilled.”

The Gibsons are already seeing this fulfillment in their lives. Their faith has been stretched, their marriage strengthened, and their spiritual gifts made clearer. The road certainly hadn’t been easy, as they’ve wrestled with doubt, discouragement, and financial anxiety; but the Gibsons know that God is working through all of it.

“It causes you to go outside yourself and the world’s thinking to do something truly supernatural,” Jeremiah said. “I can’t do this. God can. He gets the glory.”

“We don’t even know yet what we’re pioneering,” Katie said. “We may not even know until we get to heaven. But it’s all worth it.”

After a week in Kosovo, the Gibsons flew to India, where they are currently preaching at and encouraging various churches. They plan to continue on through Cambodia, Australia, and wherever else God opens doors for them to serve. You can follow their journey on their blog:


Photo graciously provided by Married To Texas Photography

Elizabeth Steere
is a writer and missionary, most recently working in Kosovo and Southern France. She loves cooking, traveling, empowering women, and seeing the upside-down Kingdom of God come to earth.