One of the greatest honors and joys of staffing the last Awaken DTS-July school and co-leading a seven-person team to Barcelona, Spain was meeting and doing life with Shawn Kim. Born in California and hailing from Chicago, Illinois Shawn is unlike anyone you have ever known. He possesses the purity of what it means to be childlike while grasping the wildest revelations of the Kingdom I have ever heard.

While in Barcelona,  the Lord unleashed a new level of musical creativity and boldness in him. I witnessed a boy becoming a man by stepping further into his destiny and trusting God  for who he was created to be: one in passionate pursuit of His Spirit. Here is a taste of transformation and glimpse into the power of dreaming with the Lord.  // Ba Rham(Wind)- A Good Shawn Original//

Dreams Really Do Come TrueAMag: Why are you passionate about creating music?

Kim: Music is awesome! I’m sensitive to it. Whatever I hear, I will sway to it, almost like becoming it. That’s why I make music. When I make music, I make myself.

AMag: What did God do in you in Spain (in terms of creativity and music)? How did it change your perspective?

Kim: I brought no instrument with me, but I was blessed to have Anthony [ed note: leader of outreach] bring a ukulele. Without giving it much thought I casually picked it up, learned some chords from Google, and started writing songs. From there, I wanted to have enough confidence to play in front of people, and it eventually happened. God gave me the gift to discover myself through music in His original creation and I’m so thankful for that.

AMag: How did writing the Wind song come about/what was your inspiration?

Kim: My friends and I were walking for lunch after church, and I decided to bring Anthony’s ukulele. I knew a couple chords so I started messing around with them. When I strummed F,C, and B flat together, it sounded so pleasant. So I kept on doing it.

AMag: What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

Kim: That same day, my leaders wanted to interview me on how I was doing with my walk with Christ. Nervous as I am generally, I strummed the chords and sang about how I was nervous. Then I started singing about my dreams I have of finding the right woman, so I referred to her as an “angel.” So I kept practicing it and it became a song.

AMag: What do you hope people will be impacted by  in the songs you create?

Kim: I hope they enjoy it. I wouldn’t wanna make music just for myself, because then who is there to share it with? But I hope just as other musicians, they can feel my emotion, a way of understanding each other.

AMag: If you could perform this song anywhere, where would it be and why?

Kim: I would perform it in a stadium, preferably with John Mayer. I’d play it there in front of a big crowd so I can share my story. And within that, perhaps I can bring them into the Kingdom through my lyrics and genuinity.

AMag: Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you want to share with the AwakenMag readers?

Kim: Thank you for letting me share.

Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins is an editor and freelance writer currently posing as a Pre-K teacher in the City of Lights (aka Las Vegas), NV. Aside from writing, she is passionate about music, poetry and any medium of storytelling really. Her greatest joy is to be a part of people confidently walking in their identity, pursuing their dreams, supported by community and living in the freedom of a relationship Jesus.