Pressure. What pictures, words, or memories flow from the word “pressure”? Perhaps it’s an image of condensed, translucent gas; maybe it brings into memory tense moments of struggle in life.  What kind of pressure do you face on a daily basis?

The response to pressure has become a Hollywood favorite. A classic scene typically consists of a protagonist facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances with the protagonist responding to the impossibility of success through some sort of impeccable wit.

We love these scenes because it calls to our destiny to overcome pressure. We are led to believe we cannot respond in the same fashion as what Hollywood portrays because we don’t have the same ability to think and problem solve on the fly like our favorite protagonists.

While we cannot overcome with supernatural powers, we have the gift of perspective. In the midst of tension and stress, certain elements become exaggerated in our perception of these things. We tend to make things more consequential than they really are. As a former professional caterer, I delved deep into an extremely fast paced and demanding environment.

One evening I had a gathering of over a hundred people to coordinate. I had misunderstood what the client had wanted and set up the entire night incorrectly about a half an hour before the event started. I could have panicked and rushed to complete the night’s assignment with mediocrity as a result of my misunderstanding. Rather, I sat down, sized up the assignment in front of me, and successfully facilitated the moving of the tables, chairs, and decorations. The night went on and my client was happy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or restless, stop. Take a deep breath. It is crucial we fight to gain back perspective and the big picture of the circumstances before us.

Daniel Chae is the Founder of EQ Plus+ Consulting Services. He works alongside people to help them grow in their gifts and talents; his work has taken him to nearly every continent. Daniel is currently based in the Bay Area, California and attends Baylor University.