Nearly four years ago, a new creativity was stirring up inside me. I became more aware of my surroundings and the beauty they held. Trees, streets, buildings, mountains, rivers, and lakes all seemed to be more intriguing to the naked eye. I began to think, “What if I could capture this beauty and share it with other people?” At the time, I loved to draw and paint. I thought I could paint exactly what I saw, so you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered I’m no Bob Ross. I didn’t want to give up on painting or drawing, but I had to scratch that idea and think harder. I knew I wanted to capture the God-given beauty that surrounded me, and I wanted to capture it in a new way.

What if I could capture this beauty and share it with other people?

Before I knew just what it was that I wanted to do, I met Matt. He was an aspiring artist as well. His gift was in music, more importantly, music that glorified God. He came at a time in my life where a new, Christian friend was something I really needed, and I know Matt was in a similar place. We motivated one another, shared stories, laughed continuously, and rode our fixed gear bikes exploring the streets of Portland. Seeing that your creative talents can be used to glorify the Father was refreshing to me. I always wondered how I could show God how much He means to me. Then it hit me. I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out new ways that I could glorify and praise the Lord when it was right in front of me. In fact, it was all around me, just waiting for me to capture it. Photography was calling me.

The early stages were great for me. It was fun, actually, until I lost sight of why I even started. I used my camera less and less each day, to the point where I didn’t even look at it. The excitement was gone. I was blinded by comparison, self-judgement, and greed. What was once my way of spending time with God and His beautiful creation was beginning to be something I despised doing all together. I needed a little break and a lot of prayer. Then I began to see things more clearly.

Don’t lose hope in your creativity. It’s in each of us, and it’s waiting to come out.

God knows the things we love, and he’s going to bless you with those things. Whether they’re gifts, talents, callings, relationships, creativity, or anything else you can imagine. God aims to please His children. He wants to make each and everyone of us happy, because that makes Him happy. This isn’t something that just came to me over night. I went through trials and rejoice, failures and successes, yet God made good of each situation.

We are imperfect. I am imperfect. Therefore, when we go after God, leave our selfish ways and aim to be more like Him, soon enough you will find you’re becoming the man or woman He designed you to be. Don’t lose hope in your creativity. It’s in each of us, and it’s waiting to come out. If you love to paint, paint. If you draw, draw. If you write, write. Let the creativity from within you burst out and bless those around you. You’ll be shocked by the talents you have stirring inside you. Let go, and be free.

I hope you enjoy some of my photography from this article. Each photo was taken in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Until next time.

and his wife Melissa currently reside in the Portland Oregon area where they focus on displaying God's love within their community. They have a passion for the youth, and strive to help their generation find their God given creativity.