From across the long dining table, I see a man. A man with a cheesy grin that grew as I walked in. The language of his eyes were telling me to join him at the table. As I sat on the other end, I pondered the empty seats and slowly grew weary. Although, I felt an incredible rush of completeness, I so wanted others to join in on, what I like to call, a beautiful exchange. 
table-konaHe noticed my eyes wander as my heart uttered the question of where the rest were.  In what felt to be a timeless moment, his patience grew from one end of the table to mine, surrounding and dancing around my flesh. I could feel our love intertwine like two roots braiding together, becoming one as they went deeper into the Earth.

Suddenly I knew in my heart, a groan, that put perfect language to why I felt such restlessness, as I saw vacant chairs around us. It seemed that what the man felt, I did too. I looked back into the man’s eyes, and still with his joyful grin, understanding my entire thought process that just took place, he spoke:

“They will come.”

Three words vibrating throughout the room and shot into the deepest parts of me. In this man’s goodness and kindness, he’d already invited everyone. Hope beating like a drum. Intercession never sleeping. Together we waited in Love for those who would respond.



And then I heard them.

It was more than I ever dreamed of.


Awaken Mag
is the author of this post because it is either anonymously-created due to sensitive location or story details or per request of the author.