As I think about my life I begin to ponder “why”. There is a profundity to our existence. A marvelous, charismatic nature follows us everywhere we go. It is the beauty of life.

Life is full of variables, multiple definitions, and stories. It is easy to focus solely on ourselves. Perhaps, if we are spectacularly savvy, we will be aware of our friends’ lives. Yet, outside our inner circles lay beautiful stories waiting to be heard.

Should we choose to answer the knocking door, we might find the story of a prostitute in Thailand giving her body away to strangers, in order to barely put food on the table for her children. Or, we may encounter a street boy in Uganda whose life story is full of physical abuse from his HIV positive parents.

It is irrelevant how many stories we are aware of, or how many people we are connected to in our “network”. Our topic of concern ought to be focused on the posture of our hearts towards the stories of others.

Are we resistant to the stories of others? Do we desire for the spotlight of favor and attention to be solely lit upon ourselves?

If so, we will find ourselves distraught, one dimensional, and longing for more. However, should we choose to rewrite our own chapters in exchange for the stories of others, we will find ourselves leading a vibrant and multi-faceted experience.

So perhaps this is my “why”. Perhaps it is a lying down of my own pen for the time being and reading the pages of others around me. Perhaps it is more about celebrating the stories of the people around me and acknowledging the immense beauty that now stands before me.

Singularly our stories are described as beautiful. Together we can experience it.

Daniel Chae is the Founder of EQ Plus+ Consulting Services. He works alongside people to help them grow in their gifts and talents; his work has taken him to nearly every continent. Daniel is currently based in the Bay Area, California and attends Baylor University.