One thing I have learned over the past few years is that God is creative. When he walked the earth, almost every miracle recorded was done differently. In contrast, my tendency is to want some format to see results—A+B=C always and forever, but maybe God likes to use the pythagorean theorem then throw in a random variable at the last minute in which case we come to a conclusion that requires calculus (ah! a reason I switched my Major in College).

he looked at me and said, “The Lord is going to give you a house.” 

The following is a story I could not make up if I wanted to:

It was the start of an ordinary day in an Awaken Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii and I was told to give our speaker for the week a bottle of water before he began. He happened to be a prophetic man (dare I say prophet?) and as I handed it to him he looked at me and said, “The Lord is going to give you a house.” At that moment, I was kind of stunned not really expecting a prophetic word from the Lord, but took this word and wrote it down to pray about it with Camille, my wife. This Word was so big in my eyes that it was either wrong or God.

We kept this word from God in prayer feeling like it was indeed from the Lord. Fast-forward to a few years later and we had been very subtly nudge by the Lord to start a “Freedom House” (Casa Liberad) and to do it in Spain. In fact, it might have been the quietest voice the Lord has spoken to us in our lives, but for some reason we knew it was time to pursue it.

After a year of preparation, learning Spanish and team building, we arrived in Barcelona, Spain. Our hope was to find a place before the others in our group arrived. We had a little over 2 weeks. The first reality we were hit with was there are no houses in Barcelona, well, few, as in most cities there are apartments galore. The second reality was that we were foreigners looking to rent with no job in Spain in a market already swayed toward the renter of the place. We were told 6 months – 1 year rent would have to be provided upfront (depending on rent, $8,000-30,000).

The first reality we were hit with was there are no houses in Barcelona

Thirdly, we were American students. Americans don’t have the greatest reputation overseas if you didn’t know, and being students adds another fear in many renters. Fourthly, I told our dear Colombian friends we would be leaving after 2 weeks so not to be bad house guests. Fifthly, Barcelona’s rent market moves fast and 2 weeks time is short to find a place and move into it!

We knew whatever happened was going to be a miracle even if we were able to rent a place! And so we started our search with our Colombian friends. We looked at 3 houses and one piso. Out of the three houses we found inside of Barcelona, two were pushing on the edge of the city limits. The third we found about 1 weeks into the search and it was located centrally in the city. I was skeptical because the rent was reasonable and it was a 5 bedroom house with over 2000 square feet (a mansion in a place like Barcelona) and it had a nice kitchen and dining area.

Casa LibertadThe owner of the house showed her house instead of the realtor because she had worked hard on it over 25+ years and wanted to screen the renters herself. As we toured the house we fell in love with it. We walked through a bedroom and I saw some bible verses and a cross. Then the owner mentioned she went to church, so I asked her what one, and she said,”An evangelical one”. We then told her who we were, christian missionaries with YWAM. We were careful to tell people because they would possibly put a “DANGER OF NO RENT” stamp on us.

Her eyes lit up! She then told us a pastor had come in and prayed for missionaries to rent the place. We found out later that she was saved in the Argentinian revival and always had a vision of the house to be a place of bible studies and worship. The house features an upstairs “loft” which we instantly decided would be the prayer room.

She then said,
“Well, this is your house” and lowered our rent 50 more euros.

She then said, “Well, this is your house” and lowered our rent 50 more euros. Camille started crying and hugged Elena (the owner) also in tears. I might of had some tears as well…It was a powerful God-fearing moment. We moved in that weekend with her before she moved out, 2 weeks to the day after arriving in Barcelona.

We still had to cover the deposit, but the Lord knew this of course and provided beforehand! Camille and I had sold our Jeep before arriving for almost the same amount of the deposit.

Our group has now moved in, started painting and making it “home”. The Lord even led a local Catalan to rent a room with us! We live in a multicultural street and have met Mexicans, Pakistanis, and a Cuban (who is so generously helping us). We share meals, coffee and tea and in them the love of God shines forth.

The reason I share this story is to boast about the goodness and faithfulness of God. He is REAL and wants to love YOU. Follow Jesus with all your heart and see things you never in your wildest dreams would have imagined. Share this story with anyone that needs faith to move forward.

Pray for us at “Casa Libertad” as we continue to steward what God has given us in this house. May His Kingdom Come and His Will be done! Amen.

with his wife Camille are focused on the discipleship of people into their true identities and callings. They have a passion to release creativity and freedom in God. They are currently living in the Barcelona area.