Old brick buildings boldly boast in prime perspectives and arrogant accomplishments as some simpletons stroll the campus of an Ivy League School.

We walk the campuses of the world-famed universities, located on the North East coast of America. Thousand of eyes have looked upon these historic walls. Ivy League EventThousand of ears have heard the messages immersed in them and thousands have entered within to spend a season of life. As you all know the western clock claims we’re at 2013 Anno Domini. But those walls got established hundred years ago. And the pioneering years of these Ivy League Schools are known as wonderful and applauded by many. Ministers and missionaries initially made the educational toil here. Preparing to serve God’s wonderful sons and daughters, whether it was nationally or internationally.

We continue to walk our simple journey amidst these brick-jungles on the North East. Sometimes talking to the dwellers here, other times communicating with their creator. We, add up a group that plainly loves Jesus Christ with simple human hearts. We live in community as we try to trek with God. Our desire is that the labor of the pioneers of these impressive intelligent institutions wouldn’t be in vain. But rather continue to flower good fruit towards our breathtaking and beautiful Savior.

There consist varied opinions of the condition of America’s A1 academies. I’ll only draw a black and white line. One side highly regards the present state. Saying the evolution of these educational centers is positive. Another side thinks the state is tragic. Announcing in light of the schools founders that God is forgotten and rejected—which surely wasn’t the goal.

The profound and simple love from God on high is landing on the prestigious North East.

As we proceed on our path in this brainy territory, two voices are audible. The secondary utters that God is dead and solely satisfies eating from the tree of knowledge stationed on every campus lawn. Our little group observes the students ignorantly ingest those fatal fruits of knowledge, arrogance, strive, performance and depression. This voice is obnoxiously piercing our ears. However…

The primary voice is greater, more thundering and very joyous. In addition it sounds from above rather then from below as the second one does. This voice is from God, Himself. The one we are eager to listen to. It’s full of hope, love and faith as it rushes through the stony structures and pompous people on the Ivy League’s. We not only hear this wind, but we see the workings of it too. Students are being encountered, healed, revived, awakened and received into the Father’s family. The profound and simple love from God on high is landing on the prestigious North East.

On April 6th, us simpletons, from YWAM Harrisburg with many others put up an event in the middle of Cornell University. The Landing as it was labeled brought fun dubstep, enjoyable electronic, talented dancing, amazing testimonies and our dearest Good News of Jesus Christ. The event drew many people and three heroic souls opened their hearts for our highly esteemed Jesus. As angels were shouting and praising above, were many other sons and daughters that reside in these brick-jungles left encouraged and aflame. And personally we all left in awe that God is not dead, but surely alive. And I’ll end with the heartening news of our God who is harvesting with His beloved on the soil of these high and lofty places!

Photo graciously provided by Billy Scanlan

Juan – Erik Gabrielsen
is passionate for the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ in the nations of our world. He’s provoked to go and be a voice by the love and approval of God. Juan-Erik is from Norway, but currently serves as a missionary for Youth With a Mission in America.