A young man is sitting inside the tent of meeting. He remains after the courageous servant, Moses of Israel, has finished speaking to the Mighty One face to face. Moses was found pleasing to this Mighty God. He believed the promises and the words of the loving and gracious Lord. Howbeit many of his people struggled, holding a firm grip on God, even when the Lord of Hosts went before them as a pillar of fire by night and removed Israel’s barriers and crushed their foes with His zeal. Thankfully, the young man was different. Ergo after toilsome years in the Paran desert, Joshua the son of Nun succeeded God’s servant Moses as the general of Israel.

After Moses’ death, Joshua’s best friend gives him a great appeal. The God of Israel tells Joshua that he will take hold of the longed-for promise land. These borders have been Israel’s cry and dream for hundreds of years. According to our timeline they’re now only inches away from finally making a sure resting place. The mighty God continues to edify the son of Nun and pours out powerful phrases that produce great confidence and courage in the heart of Joshua, the leader of Israel. Our courageous one trusted God with mere faith when the Supreme spoke; “I’m giving you every place you’ll step on with the sole of your foot. I will neither fail nor abandon you. Just be strong and very courageous. Do not turn from either to the right or to the left. Be strong, be bold!” The boxes of fear shattered and Joshua’s eyes blazed with true grit, as he led Israel onwards to the delighted territories!

The boxes of fear shattered and Joshua’s eyes blazed with true grit, as he led Israel onwards to the delighted territories!

I cannot leave out, though, from this blessed account, that the enemies of Israel were numerous. Various kings and peoples dwelt within their God-granted borders. God’s promises were still sound and Joshua with his men were braced for battle. The river Jordan was the first obstacle Israel supernaturally strolled through on the joyous homecoming. God graciously showed his commitment to them by drying up the huge river. Joshua and his congregation are now within the desired borders. He calls out 40,000 soldiers to take the land. Imagine a little bit how much confidence and courage is in the spirits of the people? Israel is finally in Israel! They’ve seen God divinely dry up a great river. I’m positive that Joshua and his army are incredibly psyched up with mighty zeal to conquer what God has been promising them through the sundry seasons of their history. However Joshua is now on the outskirts of an encounter that will infuse him with something that might seem opposing to the thinking of man.

The fearless general stands with his sword on the outskirts of the city of Jericho. The first stronghold to be demolish in Israel’s bestowed territories. Joshua fervently waits for the tactics of his Lord. His troops are probably almost uncontrollable overflowing with passion and zeal to gain their first victory. For forty years have Israel wandered in the wilderness. Joshua’s men had to be extremely eager to end the exodus! The commencement of the conquest was almost due.

But then a mysterious man with a sword drawn appears. The courageous general runs armed up to him to inquire if he’s a friend or a foe? The man replies neither. However, he does enlightens Joshua on who he is. In respond to the revelation, Joshua the great falls down to worship. It was the Commander of heaven’s armies that appeared. And like the passed away servant Moses, humbles Joshua himself by taking off his sandals in the presence of the holy God. In full awe and adoration apprehend Joshua the tactics.

The ways of meekness is to restrain from oneself and rather adopt God’s ways.

Our caring and clever Commander infuses the blessed attribute of meekness to Joshua’s mind. Why? The ways of meekness is to restrain from oneself and rather adopt God’s ways. The man-made sandals got thrown away as Joshua discerned the simple strategy of his superior. We all have heard about the battle of Jericho. It was a pretty self-restraining and surrendered mean of victory for the mighty soldiers to embrace. The strong soldiers became simply singers as they got told to admire God with roaring shouts. All self-effort and human-eagerness to fight had to cease when they obeyed rather to wander around and around. Our mighty God was so passionately committed to Israel that He wanted to flatten the city himself. His beloved needed only to obey. Gratefully Joshua the courageous and meek general embraced simple obedience and got the desired victory. When their silly shouts made the city crumble.

In addition, Joshua the son of Nun profoundly apprehended the zeal his best friend had for him and his flock. And could thus forcefully carry on…

Be encouraged.

Juan – Erik Gabrielsen
is passionate for the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ in the nations of our world. He’s provoked to go and be a voice by the love and approval of God. Juan-Erik is from Norway, but currently serves as a missionary for Youth With a Mission in America.