The world we live in revolves around, around and around again. We breathe and dance in the light and we exhale and sleep in the dark. But our globe finds itself both under the sun and under the moon at the same time. The winds bring paradoxically cooling breezes and winter tempests. The flowers blossom and bloom, but leaves also fall and frost. Our watches go tick-tock as the hands circle sixty steps. The hour can be noon for some, but night for others. Indeed. The world we exist in consists of different seasons and various times. And it’s all occurring and ordered by an ordinary word called—change.

I’ll stop my intro there, a wee attempt to make an allusion to what will be told. Soon and very soon you will be reading (hopefully) about divine seasons and times. By that I don’t mean mere physical seasons, like, autumn and summer. But rather the seasons and times that God skillfully orchestrates. Where I believe one of the top reasons he so does is for us to master—change.

There is one type of change I’ll now be emphasizing. Metaphorically I can compare it to a seasonal change. Namely when the beautiful fall turns into the harsh winter. The gentle sun is gone and so is the colorful foliage. There is of course beauty found in the winter. However only perceived by the mature eye. But you can’t argue how lesser light and colder climate are uncomfortable changes to adapt to.

How do you adapt to winter or we can rather say the wilderness season (as it’s oft referred to in Christian culture)? It can suddenly come as you in an instant can walk from downhill to uphill. We learn from the bible that the Israelites didn’t managed too well in the wilderness. I’m therefore going to help (if needed) by giving you 3 hints for a wilderness life-season. Don’t hear me wrong I’m not stating that I’m Survivor-Man, however I do carry some experience under my belt.

1. Grumbling won’t help at all.  Yes, we’ve all heard this multiple times. But it’s simply true! Our complaining that it’s a hard and dry season will not make it better. Rather focus your energy on how you go through it and even thrive. Where relying on the Spirit of Grace is always a win. However this doesn’t mean that God is pitiless and indifferent. Genuine brokenness and weakness are highly adored by Him.

2. Idleness is another killer.  Yes, we can tend to be less active during the winter times. It’s easier to just relax and chill. However in spiritual wilderness seasons you are being challenged on you devotion to both God and your own vision. There is rather a greater need for steadfast spiritual and physical disciplines instead of unwinding. Survival instincts always increase when you seemed to be lost. Thus drink from the water found within you, as there’s a lack of it around you.

3. Take heart and boldly hope.  Yes, hope and faith will also be challenged. Naturally cause you normally tend to not SEE in the dark. However Jesus praises those who invest in blind faith. Be a person that takes heart no matter the circumstances. Despair will try to drag you down or at least make you halt. Yet again, choose the opposite, ridiculous hope when all seems to be hopeless. Buy into courageous trust in him until the end.

There you go 3 hints for when the winds change, leaves fall and frost appear. Change comes from time to time. Sometimes it could totally be bad or other times more appropriate. What’s sure though is that God is with you and desires to make you more like Jesus. I’ll end by letting you know the greatest hint which is the common denominator of all three above. We have a Helper, a Comforter, a Teacher, a Guide and a divine power. The Holy Spirit function as all of that. Due to the naturalness and weakness of men he tremendously enjoys coming to the rescue. He is the fire we desire.

Emmanuel, God is with us!

Juan – Erik Gabrielsen
is passionate for the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ in the nations of our world. He’s provoked to go and be a voice by the love and approval of God. Juan-Erik is from Norway, but currently serves as a missionary for Youth With a Mission in America.