verb ( worries, worrying, worried )

1 [ no obj. ] give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to
dwell on difficulty or troubles.

This word.

Makes me cringe.

It’s ugly.

A stealer of joy.

An attack of the enemy.

Yet, it seems way too close.

Worry seems to be the topic of conversation after conversation today. It writes itself on the faces of those we encounter daily—people dear to our hearts, those we don’t know, we all seem to have this in common—worry. Whoever, wherever, this word creeps in on millions of lives, including mine. This is territory the enemy loves to step on, bringing us discouragement and fear.

The world gives us every reason to worry. Money. Relationships. The future. Building success. Paying rent. It seems to be never-ending, this cycle of worry. One thing is figured out, and another reason to worry arises. Is my soul ever satisfied and still? I sit and ponder this word, confused, at how much it seems to be part of life. I want to get mad, because I know this is not from God, not my Father’s heart.

His eyes are on the sparrows; we can know that he watches us, his beloved.

As sons and daughters of the King, we have a right to claim this ground. It’s our inheritance to live in full trust as children, believing our Father, provider, the creator has us in His hands. He knows my needs, the physical and non-physical, more than I do. There is freedom in that!

My flesh may fail, but He never will.
We can hold onto every word He has claimed to be, because He will never change!

We get to live a life rid of worry simply because we know who our Daddy is, and we know what He has called us to be—His.
He has purchased us and paid a price for our lives.
His eyes are on the sparrows; we can know that he watches us, his beloved.

Sometimes, the day to day, the little things, are the hardest ones to not worry about. The practical. It seems easy for us to dream with God, to believe in His promises mostly, but when it comes to the ordinary- it gets tougher.

In reality, He desires beyond what my limited brain can fathom. How can I begin to understand His ways? I pray I am able to put aside my ways despite my understanding of his. O that I would lay it all at His precious feet and know that He is with me!

Living a life rid of worry, and instead fully trusting- is testimony to Jesus. It is that counter-cultural; the world doesn’t seem to know life without worry.

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Sarah Little
likes to write about testimonies of the Lord, what He is teaching & revealing to her and how He is challenging her. Her and her husband Chris live in Pennsylvania.