Confession: I’m not good at going slow (which also means I have a tendency to be impatient).

I‘m one of those ‘all-in’ types or the ‘go big or go home’ kind—probably had a lot to do with trying to keep up with older brothers and not wanting to be the pansy little sister. I would also call myself someone who can ‘get the job done’. Give me a task and I’ll make sure it gets accomplished (and probably with a little extra flair).

I was told once that we need to be historians. We must remember both our history with the Lord and the History of who he has shown himself to be. 

So maybe that’s why it’s hard for me when I feel like the Lord speaks something to my heart, or gives me a little extra insight into my life and the things to come. Sometimes I get in this mode of ‘well we should get it done’ or ‘it has to happen now’. And I forget about the journey, the Great Journey of trust (oof!) and patience (yikes!). I so easily lose sight of the beauty called ‘living life’ while journeying through the process of following Jesus, and instead I so easily entangle myself in the end result. Sometimes I’ll even have that ‘results-oriented’ mindset in the here-and-now.

C.S. Lewis says this, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed. The real job of every moral teacher is to keep on bringing us back, time after time, to the old simple principles which we are all so anxious not to see…”

Often times, the hardest thing for me to do is to remember Reality and to come back to the ‘old simple principles’ (like sanctification, faithfulness, and the truth about God’s character and nature). Let’s be honest, we’re all better at forgetting and as the great hymn says, ‘bind my wandering heart to Thee; prone to wander, Lord, I feel it.’

I have a friend who says we are leaky, we easily leak vision and revelation. When I lose sight of Reality I tend to be goal, result, and achievement-oriented and I respond to situations, relationships, and God through a heart of self-dependence –rather than being someone who creates the space in their own mind and heart for oneself to walk arm in arm with God, and continuing to have the perspective of being on an 80-year journey—allowing myself to be okay with the process of life and being someone who remembers the True Reality, the Vision, the Story and responds from that place alone.

I was told once that we need to be historians. We must remember both our history with the Lord and the History of who he has shown himself to be. When we can cultivate that posture and rhythm of being a historian, our hearts and minds don’t forget who and what is Real. Not only about what has happened thousands of years ago or just last week, but we remember the present Reality.

Would we long for a day where the first things off our lips is our remembrance of the good, faithful, kind, and satisfying love of God and the leaks and cracks in our vessels are sealed with thanksgiving and praise.

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