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I learned to bake in college, whipping up new treats in my tiny dorm kitchen and then distributing them to my eager taste testers upstairs. It was the perfect marriage of friends and food, all in one cozy space. These brownie cookies have all the chewy richness of a brownie without being sticky, making them the perfect grab-and-go dessert. Now, I live in an Eastern European city with no car and no metro. Getting to a friend’s house usually means walking through coal-dusted air or squeezing into a shared taxi with strangers. As you may imagine, neither of these modes is particularly convenient for transporting cupcakes. Within these limitations, I’ve had to get creative with the most transportation-friendly dessert: the cookie. Once low on my list, I’ve come to love the versatility of cookies, how they can be all different flavors and textures. These brownie cookies have all the chewy…Continue Reading
Spring Cupcakes
  Jesus in the Kitchen I find my soul connecting to the love of the Father, and my heart able to communicate to Him so easily [whilst in the kitchen] These are the cupcakes I make every spring. They are light, pretty, fluffy and gone before you know it—Like cherry blossom trees in spring! I made them this Easter Saturday and delivered the to many of our special friends here in South Africa. It’s one of my favorite things to do—bake and deliver to my friends. I actually meet with Jesus in a crazy deep way whilst in the kitchen. It’s therapeutic to hear the hum of the blender while I’m mixing up a batch of whatever I need to be baking or cooking that day. I find my soul connecting to the love of the Father, and my heart able to communicate to Him so easily. I usually walk away with…Continue Reading
Sugar Cookie Recipes
What is Christmas cooking without a good sugar cookie! I make them just for the fun of cutting out and decorating! This is a great way to gather friends together. Have a cookie party, decorate together and then deliver to local homeless people or even just pass out on the streets! We have done this the past several years with dear friends wherever we are and itʼs become our FAVORITE Christmas tradition. Oh my…Iʼm so excited to do it this year! Photos graciously provided by Hannah Siegrist