It’s truly amazing how God blesses us even when we feel undeserving of it. Really, He’s blessing us all day every day, but we notice it most when we’re broken and fully dependent on Him. Just recently, my car was hit while parked on the street and totaled. I had no idea what really happened until five days later when I finally got in touch with the cop who left a note on my car. At first, I was really stressed out because I wasn’t paying comprehensive coverage on my car and definitely didn’t have any money to fix it or get a new one. In a situation that may seem unfortunate, God will always bring blessing. If I was not so confident in the Lord, my loving Heavenly Father, it’s possible that the people around me could have left me wavering, unsure if He would provide. But I knew.…Continue Reading
Spring Cupcakes
  Jesus in the Kitchen I find my soul connecting to the love of the Father, and my heart able to communicate to Him so easily [whilst in the kitchen] These are the cupcakes I make every spring. They are light, pretty, fluffy and gone before you know it—Like cherry blossom trees in spring! I made them this Easter Saturday and delivered the to many of our special friends here in South Africa. It’s one of my favorite things to do—bake and deliver to my friends. I actually meet with Jesus in a crazy deep way whilst in the kitchen. It’s therapeutic to hear the hum of the blender while I’m mixing up a batch of whatever I need to be baking or cooking that day. I find my soul connecting to the love of the Father, and my heart able to communicate to Him so easily. I usually walk away with…Continue Reading
I am a cook-in-progress. I realize the beauty of creating a meal and sharing it with friends new and old. I also don’t exactly have a great memory as far as recipes go, so I either keep it written down somewhere or only make simple things. So, where do you go when you need cooking advice? MOM! Of course. My mom is a brilliant cook and rarely uses written recipes! One thing I learned from her is that many of the foods that are labeled as “hard to make” generally have core ingredients and everything else is added for style or a difference in flavor. Take Thai curry. Here in America, you can go to the international aisle of Target/walmart/grocery store and find the core ingredients: Curry Paste (Yellow, Red, or Green), Coconut Milk, bamboo shoots, and rice. The rest is up to you—add chicken or just veggies or maybe you…Continue Reading