Editor's Note: I met Jacob Cole in Hawaii a few years back and followed his journey to Amsterdam to set up a café with his wife. They officially opened in the last few months after many months of work and have great plans for the café. I thought it'd be fruitful to pick Jacob's brain a bit about the project and what God taught him through it. Click the arrows on header photo to see before&after photos. AMAG: Jacob, what compelled you to create a café at the YWAM Amsterdam base? JC: Good question, I feel like that’s kind of a question with a lot to answer. I actually first came to YWAM Amsterdam a little over 3 years ago. I was leading an outreach here and during that time I became really good friends with the base leader, Reinier. After I left he asked me to consider coming back and…Continue Reading
Anchor Love - Art by Calvin Hanson
Heart Inspiration Behind the Song The heart of this song was birthed out of a spontaneous intercession and worship time in Herrnhut, Germany. A group of missionaries were crying out in prayer for the salvation of souls in Western Europe and a returning to the love of the Father. In a world wrecked with the injustices of abuse, rejection and pain, an entire generation is searching endlessly for a green pasture, a place of rest, an anchor for their weary souls. The only place of rest is found in a Man, the Man of love, Jesus, for God is love and Jesus is God. As we began to prophesy in the place of prayer singing, “Let Love be your anchor!”, we felt a tangible shift in the heavenly realms and were confident and full of expectant faith that the fruition of our prayer would be a tangible reaping of souls for…Continue Reading