Dear Diary
This originally was not written for a blog post. It’s from my own personal journal. I felt to share with you my journal entry, a little piece of my heart and struggles written on May 17th. This is raw with nothing edited, just as I wrote it over a month ago. I think I have never had such deep revelation of my life really not being my own until having Maddox. I miss free time! They say life gets easier but I don’t see it. Time is fleeting and sometimes I feel in a panic. Am I doing anything? What do I want to do with my life? Do I want more kids? Do I want to be a full time mom? Do I want to live overseas forever? Do I want to work? Life…What does it hold? It seems when I finally ‘arrive’ to something I’ve dreamt of for years…Continue Reading
The most vibrant season of the year seems to flee all too fast. We get just a few short weeks of trees bursting with color, crisp air surrounding us, and the smell of pumpkin-tasting treats we’ve been anticipating for months to enjoy. This year, I had the joy of spend my favorite season in a brand new place, in a completely new season. Pennsylvania might just be one of the most gorgeous states; endless rolling hills covered in trees, lavish, spacious farms, and simple living. This picture to our right is probably my favorite picture from this fall—as the season comes to an end. I am reminded of the physical, weather changing seasons we get to experience each year; and with that, the seasons that seem to make up our lives. Each brings its own characteristics: seasons changing, beautiful, weary, uprooting, difficult, joy-filled—all which we get to share and learn from.…Continue Reading