Photo by Calvin Hanson
Passivity kills creation. It destroys the very core of who we were meant to be. Adam was passive in his calling out of Eve as she took a bite of the forbidden fruit. Instantly, perfect creation, innovation, and uniqueness dissipated. We became nothing more than normal and mortal. Do you realize your purpose, whatever it may be, is meant to be 100% different from every single person the earth? You see, our passivity invites monotonous behavior. It beckons in normality rather than a desire to vivaciously pursue the purpose for which we were made. Do you realize your purpose, whatever it may be, is meant to be 100% different from every single person the earth? People live satisfied in normality because the dreams and passions they had weren’t good enough to be fought for. In other words, they passively observed and even squandered away any opportunity of fulfilling their purpose.…Continue Reading
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I learned to bake in college, whipping up new treats in my tiny dorm kitchen and then distributing them to my eager taste testers upstairs. It was the perfect marriage of friends and food, all in one cozy space. These brownie cookies have all the chewy richness of a brownie without being sticky, making them the perfect grab-and-go dessert. Now, I live in an Eastern European city with no car and no metro. Getting to a friend’s house usually means walking through coal-dusted air or squeezing into a shared taxi with strangers. As you may imagine, neither of these modes is particularly convenient for transporting cupcakes. Within these limitations, I’ve had to get creative with the most transportation-friendly dessert: the cookie. Once low on my list, I’ve come to love the versatility of cookies, how they can be all different flavors and textures. These brownie cookies have all the chewy…Continue Reading
Projecto En
Today is one of those Mississippi days to remember. I’m at a coffee shop in downtown Jackson surrounded by wonderful people and the sun is shining so bright I can barely read the words I’m typing on the screen. After being back home for a bit, I’m reminded why I love this place so much. I believe Faulkner nailed it when he said “To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” God abundantly rewards the bold and the faithful I left off my last piece with the worship project that I’m apart of in Spain called Proyecto En releasing our first full length worship album. The project is basically a group of worshippers, song writers and musicians living in Barcelona that recorded a worship album to give away for free so that Spanish-speaking people could worship to songs written in their own language. Reminiscing about the…Continue Reading
Step up to the mic and worship
Back in March of 2009, I made the plunge to leave good ole’ Mississippi to be an English teacher in Barcelona, Spain. I decided to leave behind so many things that made me who I was back in the States. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was a musician when I got here, mainly because I associated a lot of my running away from God with music. I pretended like I had never seen a microphone before and at the beginning it was incredibly refreshing but you can only run from who you really are for so long. I got to start over and figure out who I actually wanted to be as a person outside of the music game. It was an incredible gift to learn who I was in Christ without feeling the necessity to sing about it. My past with music is a bit weird.…Continue Reading
Red Sky by Zach Hall
Nearly four years ago, a new creativity was stirring up inside me. I became more aware of my surroundings and the beauty they held. Trees, streets, buildings, mountains, rivers, and lakes all seemed to be more intriguing to the naked eye. I began to think, “What if I could capture this beauty and share it with other people?” At the time, I loved to draw and paint. I thought I could paint exactly what I saw, so you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered I’m no Bob Ross. I didn’t want to give up on painting or drawing, but I had to scratch that idea and think harder. I knew I wanted to capture the God-given beauty that surrounded me, and I wanted to capture it in a new way. What if I could capture this beauty and share it with other people? Before I knew just what it was that I…Continue Reading