Editor's Note: I met Jacob Cole in Hawaii a few years back and followed his journey to Amsterdam to set up a café with his wife. They officially opened in the last few months after many months of work and have great plans for the café. I thought it'd be fruitful to pick Jacob's brain a bit about the project and what God taught him through it. Click the arrows on header photo to see before&after photos. AMAG: Jacob, what compelled you to create a café at the YWAM Amsterdam base? JC: Good question, I feel like that’s kind of a question with a lot to answer. I actually first came to YWAM Amsterdam a little over 3 years ago. I was leading an outreach here and during that time I became really good friends with the base leader, Reinier. After I left he asked me to consider coming back and…Continue Reading
That Faithful Witness in the Sky On the heels of being given the dream for his life, Joseph immediately entered into a pit of despair. Literally, a pit. In Genesis 37, after receiving his promise and dream, Joseph is betrayed by his brothers, stripped of his robe, and left for dead in a pit awaiting the arrival of a ravenous beast looking for a feast. Sounds prosperous, palatable, and promising, right? Actually no, it’s the exact opposite of what Joe had been promised just a few verses before. So how do we explain this? I’ve heard it said that “p-i-t” stands for “prophet-in-training”. It seems to be a way of God to give a promise, and then He will allow circumstances to arise in life to test our motives, our obedience, and form us into the image of Jesus more and more so that when the promise comes to pass,…Continue Reading
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Joyful Birth unto Opposition We’ve all been given desires, dreams, and promises. In the moment of the epiphany, a sense of ecstasy and joy shroud the hope of the new-found future. Suddenly, anything becomes possible for us. The world is at our finger-tips. Our emotions are saturated with the thought that my life actually has a discoverable, divine-purpose. Whether, it’s the desire or promise of a particular calling, relationship, entrepreneurial venture, or creative expression, we feel invincible, unstoppable. Morning has dawned and night is no more. Or so we think… In Genesis 37, we see Joseph, experience this moment of excitement. So much so that he KNEW he had to share it with those closest to him. Of course his own older brothers would be excited for him, right? “5Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more.6 He said to them, “Listen to…Continue Reading
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God loves impossible dreamers. We are all born with seeds of impossible in our hearts. Every child wants to fly. To save the world. They want their parents to be happy and wars to stop. These wild-eyed dreamers are the role models for Christianity. The Kingdom of God is already in their little grabby hands. That is, until grown-up scolders and mockers stamp out the fires in their eyes and teach them to be “realistic”. Would-be ballerinas become waitresses. Aspiring astronauts settle on accounting. They colour inside the lines of their bank accounts, their parent’s expectations and their perceived potential. Then there are those who squiggle across the pages of history with vibrant colours, shamelessly defying all lines and rules. These are the kids who refused to grow up. The impossible dreamers. Abraham, Moses, Hannah, Joan of Arc, Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr, to name a few. Their stories haunt…Continue Reading
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I met Jason Estopinal during an Awaken Gathering in Santa Barbara California a few years ago and loved his authenticity. He wants to live the true gospel. You can see it shine through in this interview. He and some others have started a coffee company in Haiti called Trezo d’ Haiti with the goal of contributing to the transformation in Haiti. Enjoy! AMAG: What is Trezo d’Haiti and what made you want to start a coffee company in Haiti? THE PROCESS Haitian farmers grow on small pieces of land called “Creole gardens,” right next to the fruits and vegetables they’ll be eating for dinner. Each step in the process is personally and carefully completed, using the same methods their ancestors used. JE: Trezò d’Haïti is a brand of specialty gourmet Haitian coffees, organically grown in the highlands of Haiti. Our coffee is legit: contrary to most of the commercialized hybrid varieties…Continue Reading
Last night I had a peculiar dream, I was an elderly man visiting an old, plantation-style house which seemed to have incredible memories of power and love for me. A pleasantly, nostalgic experience. As I entered the house, I noticed a group of men communing around a table. They were wearing vintage clothing and seemed to be moving about their evening completely uninterested by my presence or even aware of my intrusion. Eventually, I joined in conversation with one of the elderly men only to be informed that I was a ghost. I was taken aback, not previously aware of my death. I asked him why they were all unsurprised by my presence if I was indeed a ghost and he revealed that the ghost of an elderly woman visited their property once a year and had done so for a very long time. I awoke with a horrible longing…Continue Reading