Sammy Rodriguez
Who is Sammy Rodriguez? He’s a guy who smiles real big. Yeah, kind of like your old elementary school principal, but not so big it resembled the strange art teacher.  It’s a rather kind smile that conveys easy lovin’. I want you to picture a tall, Puerto Rican guy with enough charisma to fill a room. He’s a guy that loves to be in the spotlight. You might even say he comes alive, especially when it comes to “game time”. What exactly is game time? It’s the many moments on stage; it’s the nights spent at universities, parking lots, and churches nationwide speaking about the love of Jesus to hundreds of young people. It’s also the everyday moments in the grocery store when he’s altering eternal destinies in the midst of searching for cereal. On his twenty sixth birthday you’ll find him in perhaps an unexpected place. While the rest…Continue Reading
I was twenty-one when God put it on my heart to attend a Buddhist studies program in northern India. I would live in a monastery and study Buddhist culture, philosophy, and meditation practices. I had no good reason for going. I wasn’t much of an evangelist. I had no grand scheme to convert the monks to Christianity, no resources to improve their lives. I simply desired to be there, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be there. So I went. Are you becoming a Buddhist, Liz? Are you sure this is God’s voice leading you? As I lay under my purple mosquito net the first night, unable to sleep in the choking heat, my friends’ voices drifted through my mind. Are you becoming a Buddhist, Liz? Are you sure this is God’s voice leading you? They had every right to be worried about me, isolated in the…Continue Reading