Ripple Drops - Flickr Gian Luigi Perrella
I never wanted it to be because of my words, my persuasion, my hand, but I wanted the Truth to capsize people, like it capsized us that day. Simon and I had begun our conversations about love, life, dreams, purpose, and Truth two months before. The answer felt near and plain, but it was our eyes— our hearts that held us captive to the dark. We felt blind and numb to the face in front of us then; at least, I did. It was all grey that morning. We sat side by side. We were together but removed, drawn to the same source, but in our minds, miles apart— pelting pebbles into the shallow edges of the reservoir. After what seemed like days, it began to burn inside of me; I could hold it in no longer. It rang out, sore and stinging from my lips, into the frigid air;…Continue Reading
Worship Judgement God's Eyes
One morning at church, I noticed that the guy in front of me was sitting down during worship, casually scrolling through Facebook. “Wow, he has no respect for God at all,” I thought to myself as I silently judged him (which means I was sinning too). As worship went on, I couldn’t get this off my mind. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, but it did. I wanted to be mad at this random guy that I didn’t know, because he wasn’t behaving the way I wanted him to behave. After letting these thoughts run wild in my head for upwards of twenty minutes, I decided to ask God how He felt about this guy’s behavior. But the funny thing was, God didn’t talk to me about his behavior at all; He talked to me about him as a person. God doesn’t see like I see. He…Continue Reading
Where is Your Gaze?
There are times when we are separated from our community only to grow like we never have before. During this Christmas break, the Father has stretched me and taught me so much about not only myself, but also who He is. It started with the Holy Spirit speaking to me saying, “I am going to teach you something that I can only teach you separated from everyone.” I’ve had ample time to myself, which I chose to cultivate by reading and spending time with Jesus. Two books that have impacted me the most while being home are “Jesus Is ____” by Pastor Judah Smith and “Learning to Love” by missionary Heidi Baker. Two overarching themes that I learned from these books are “Focus on Jesus, not Yourself” and you guessed it, “Learning to Love.” When we turn our gaze toward the Father we start to hear the heavenly truths and…Continue Reading