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From across the long dining table, I see a man. A man with a cheesy grin that grew as I walked in. The language of his eyes were telling me to join him at the table. As I sat on the other end, I pondered the empty seats and slowly grew weary. Although, I felt an incredible rush of completeness, I so wanted others to join in on, what I like to call, a beautiful exchange.  He noticed my eyes wander as my heart uttered the question of where the rest were.  In what felt to be a timeless moment, his patience grew from one end of the table to mine, surrounding and dancing around my flesh. I could feel our love intertwine like two roots braiding together, becoming one as they went deeper into the Earth. Suddenly I knew in my heart, a groan, that put perfect language to why I felt…Continue Reading
Trust Faith Father
“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 Faith. Not seen. Have faith in things we cannot see? That seems hard for me. That feels like a battle of my flesh and my personality. I am a planner and organizer to the max. I know that God has gifted me with those strengths, but I also know it crosses the line into fear and not trusting in Jesus. When is my motivation to plan and organize coming from a fearful heart? A worried and doubtful heart? I know in these moments, I lose trust in the character of God and who He promises He is. The man I know He is. I lose this because I start taking control, I start planning, and I do it all out of my own strength all in fear that God might not be who He…Continue Reading
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Sometimes in our quest for the future, our quest for calling, and our quest of planning and scheming; we forget to see the one, the need, in front of us. We often times pray for revival, and use words, and dare I say buy into fluffy “feel good” hype about the subject of revival, but when a need, an uncomfortable need, is placed in front of us, many of us (including myself) would rather go to the meeting; enjoy songs, maybe even receive “Holy Spirit chills” and talk about revival and the nations to ease our consciences when an orphaned world is at our door step waiting to be loved. He reconciled us to God, releasing the Spirit of adoption upon our lives thereby making us sons and daughters of the Father. Thankfully there is a man named Jesus, who paid the highest price and walked down death’s alley, so we…Continue Reading
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My story is probably similar to yours. I grew up in a small rural farm town in the middle of iowa cornfields. I have three big older brothers who are both my protectors and pests and a mom and dad who’s greatest goal is to get me to graduate from college and married. My grandparents live close and I see them on all major holidays with the rest of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I got good grades and mostly stayed out of trouble, and when it was time, I moved away from my safe and close knit community to go to a university in the “city”. Like I said my story is similar to yours—just maybe swap out the Iowa part, because not very many people are from there. Most of my life I secretly dreaded this day—I hated the attention The only thing that might be different is…Continue Reading
Noah Adoption
Adoption is a very important concept for a Jesus follower because it defines how we join the family of God. Like many concepts that are important in life, the best way to learn them is through experience. That is how adoption was opened up to me, through my own experience. What if I canʼt love this baby like my first son Jude? My husband and I always wanted to adopt. We had a biological son first named Jude and he changed my life. I love him so much and he made me realize the biggest purpose for my life was to be his mom. I had a very difficult pregnancy and I was not prepared to go through that again. We felt it was time to consider adoption. There are many fears that I walked through to make a decision to adopt. What if I canʼt love this baby like…
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