This fall, I worked as short-term staff for Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Bridges of Life, a small mission base in Southern France. I arrived at their chateau with a willing spirit but little idea what God wanted me to do during my stay. There were plenty of base ministries I was interested in, but when the chef asked for extra hands, I tied on an apron and set to chopping vegetables. I rarely left the kitchen for the rest of my stay. It was the heart of the base, knitting the staff and ministries together with daily meals that felt more like community check-ups than quick bites. I loved watching friends pass baguettes around the table, quipping with one another just as often as they counseled and encouraged. When culture-shocked mission teams came to stay at the base, I loved comforting them with bowls of mushroom soup. When Discipleship…Continue Reading
I am a cook-in-progress. I realize the beauty of creating a meal and sharing it with friends new and old. I also don’t exactly have a great memory as far as recipes go, so I either keep it written down somewhere or only make simple things. So, where do you go when you need cooking advice? MOM! Of course. My mom is a brilliant cook and rarely uses written recipes! One thing I learned from her is that many of the foods that are labeled as “hard to make” generally have core ingredients and everything else is added for style or a difference in flavor. Take Thai curry. Here in America, you can go to the international aisle of Target/walmart/grocery store and find the core ingredients: Curry Paste (Yellow, Red, or Green), Coconut Milk, bamboo shoots, and rice. The rest is up to you—add chicken or just veggies or maybe you…Continue Reading
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Oh the holidays! They are such a wonderful reason to bring dear friends together. One ʻcommunityʼ appetizer I love is Artichokes. It’s so filled with flavor, mainly garlic, that it’s deadly! Itʼs fun to patiently peel off one leaf at a time, taking turns and sharing. Artichokes take a while to eat, and so conversation begins to flow as we sit and share.