PICK A POCKET - Photos by Geezaweezer - https://www.flickr.com/photos/geezaweezer/
Over a year ago, I visited a Youth with a Mission (YWAM) center in Herrnhut, Germany. It changed my life in many ways. The creative excellence coming from this place is astounding—Not just in its artistic expression but how they were using their talents for the glory of God in wild faith and through loving the one in front of them. The idea for AwakenMag was planted there when I saw their ATOM Magazine. They were also a great resource as we put together the first published AwakenMag. While at the YWAM center, I picked up a sampler CD of this group called Liz and the Lions. Little did I know they would be playing in my living room a a year or so years later. The band was birthed with a heart to bring awareness, find partners, and raise funds that go toward the ending of extreme poverty. They’ve…Continue Reading
Background Information Location: Lohne, Germany  Brian works with a ministry called Fascinate Transformation School. The first school was located in Taylors, South Carolina. He traveled with some of the Fascinate community to Germany to help run another school put on by a missionary friend. After a speaking engagement at a church in Germany, my friends and I  went out to a late dinner with some of our new friends. The eight of us sat down in Burger King. Shortly after, we couldn’t help but notice two young men, one of which was becoming rather aggressive and angry. He was slamming the table and yelling in German making quite the scene. These actions continued through the course of our dinner and towards the end he started crying and laid his face on the open contents of his cheeseburger. We heard his friend across the table tell him that he should see…Continue Reading