Editor's note: Isaac sent this as an update from his recent trip to Nepal. I have adapted it to an article. Be sure and look at the photos in the header by using the right arrow to scroll. Last week I returned from one of my favorite nations, Nepal! Leading up to this trip, it soon became one of my most faith building ventures as I needed to raise a few thousand dollars in such a short amount of time. Through many of your prayers guided by the power of God I actually left with more than I needed that I was able to donate! In just 10 days I raised my goal of just under $3,000 on GoFundMe the crowdfunding platform and was able to join in with the second Kona wave team. Many natural disasters happen all over the world, but with the earthquakes that devastated Nepal it…Continue Reading
Studies show that in the United States of America there are 5,110 “Christian Workers” per 1 million people. A Christian Worker is someone whose full time occupation is to, in the name of Christ, serve others and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Under this category are people like pastors, missionaries, youth pastors, etc. Each Christian Worker in the United States of America would have to reach around 200 people for all of America to come to Christ. Other statistics show that nearly one third of the American population would consider themselves “Great Commission Christians”, a Great Commission Christian is someone who believes in Christ, follows Him, and has accepted the command of the preaching the gospel to all creation and discipling nations (Matthew 28:16-20 & Luke 24:44-52). If each one of these believers reached 2 other people, all of America would be saved. The statistics go on to point…Continue Reading
Risk for Reward
What is the cost of truly living? Risk. What risk’s reward? Living. It’s basic math. So, why is it difficult to move towards that which will make us most alive? What is it about giving our hearts to a person or a place or some thing that is so daunting it paralyzes us or causes us to run in the wrong direction and hide. What does it take to look at our fear in the face, take a deep breath, and jump in? I also accept that with the possibilities of pain, failure and looking like a fool, come the exciting expectations of love, winning and becoming a heroic example—becoming another story of a real person who jumped and did not regret it. Risk requires that I be ‘all in’. I must commit. Although my actions might not play out as I imagine, the reward is sure: living fully alive.…Continue Reading
Take Off by Kainet FLICKR (no Manipulation)
Night was falling over Alabama as we pushed back from the gate at the Birmingham airport. As we began to accelerate down the runway, I realized it took a lot of confidence to fly. You only really have one shot at taking off. When you’re speeding toward the end of the runway, your only choices are to fly or to crash. As we ascended into the night sky, I realized that I often lack the confidence that is needed to charge down the runway at full speed. I prefer to take things slower, so I can stop and turn around if needed. The only problem is, if I’m not moving fast enough, it’s impossible to take flight. When God calls us to something, it’s important that we say “yes” before we arrive at the airport. We can’t take the time to count the cost at the gate, because there’s always…Continue Reading
Jasen Chung
It’s been about 4 months since I’ve embraced the reality that I may be home for some time. Home is a place I rarely visited, and for good reason. In between my mission trips around the globe, I stayed just long enough to never fully reintegrate. I guess in all honesty, I didn’t want to become my old self. I wanted to protect the change God was doing every time I left home. Now I find myself contrasting against a world I feel so near yet distant from. Little did I know, I may have been hurting myself and fanning the flames of immaturity. Needless to say, my heart has been transformed through all I’ve seen and experienced with God. I’m a changed man who was given the undeserving grace to see through God’s eyes. And when a soul is given the honor to beautifully collide with Jesus’ grace, our…Continue Reading
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The command from Jesus to go out and make disciples is heavy on my heart right now. There are many people in this world that don’t know who their Father is. They don’t know the depths of his love for them and how he wants to mend their relationship with Him. We constantly asked God to break our hearts for what breaks His heart, in order to feel what he feels. I realize even more now that this prayer comes with a cost because he answers us. When I traveled to the river communities in the Amazon region of Brazil, I didn’t expect the amount of kids we got to hang out with. They loved us and we were able to show love to them. Some have never been hugged. Some come from abusive families. Some were shy and it took a few days to open up. Some were the craziest…Continue Reading