Editor's note: Isaac sent this as an update from his recent trip to Nepal. I have adapted it to an article. Be sure and look at the photos in the header by using the right arrow to scroll. Last week I returned from one of my favorite nations, Nepal! Leading up to this trip, it soon became one of my most faith building ventures as I needed to raise a few thousand dollars in such a short amount of time. Through many of your prayers guided by the power of God I actually left with more than I needed that I was able to donate! In just 10 days I raised my goal of just under $3,000 on GoFundMe the crowdfunding platform and was able to join in with the second Kona wave team. Many natural disasters happen all over the world, but with the earthquakes that devastated Nepal it…Continue Reading
The callings of God by Calvin Hanson
A few months back God gave me a revelation on our calling in Christ. I felt God share with me that, as Christians, “we have two callings: a primary calling, and a secondary calling.” Then, just a few weeks ago I was attending a Business and Missions Conference in Egypt and was listening to an Australian businesswoman share how many Christians are stressed and confused about their callings. She said,  “We actually have two callings, a primary calling, and a secondary calling.” She used the exact same wording. I was shocked. The primary calling is to God himself. When we decide to follow Jesus, He calls us to Himself as He did with the disciples saying, “Come, Follow Me.” When we decide, “Yes, I want to follow Jesus,” the Holy Spirit of Adoption gives us a new identity as a son/daughter in Father God’s Kingdom. Even Jesus, after His Baptism,…Continue Reading
Sammy Rodriguez
Who is Sammy Rodriguez? He’s a guy who smiles real big. Yeah, kind of like your old elementary school principal, but not so big it resembled the strange art teacher.  It’s a rather kind smile that conveys easy lovin’. I want you to picture a tall, Puerto Rican guy with enough charisma to fill a room. He’s a guy that loves to be in the spotlight. You might even say he comes alive, especially when it comes to “game time”. What exactly is game time? It’s the many moments on stage; it’s the nights spent at universities, parking lots, and churches nationwide speaking about the love of Jesus to hundreds of young people. It’s also the everyday moments in the grocery store when he’s altering eternal destinies in the midst of searching for cereal. On his twenty sixth birthday you’ll find him in perhaps an unexpected place. While the rest…Continue Reading
Studies show that in the United States of America there are 5,110 “Christian Workers” per 1 million people. A Christian Worker is someone whose full time occupation is to, in the name of Christ, serve others and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Under this category are people like pastors, missionaries, youth pastors, etc. Each Christian Worker in the United States of America would have to reach around 200 people for all of America to come to Christ. Other statistics show that nearly one third of the American population would consider themselves “Great Commission Christians”, a Great Commission Christian is someone who believes in Christ, follows Him, and has accepted the command of the preaching the gospel to all creation and discipling nations (Matthew 28:16-20 & Luke 24:44-52). If each one of these believers reached 2 other people, all of America would be saved. The statistics go on to point…Continue Reading
System or Movement
As an individual in occupational ministry, I’ve noticed a trap that I’ve personally fallen prey to and witnessed many other “full-time ministers” become subject to. A substituting transaction occurs from a vibrant and free personal relationship with Jesus in favor of an organizational system or formula. The system often confines us to what we can and cannot do and whether intentionally or not, it can often sympathize with the sacred and secular divide that society holds. Out of a growing, vibrant, personal, relationship with Jesus, we are often led to our greatest areas of creative influence and impact. But the system, by nature, can stifle and control that impact. Out of a growing, vibrant, personal, relationship with Jesus, we are often led to our greatest areas of creative influence and impact. William Wilberforce, for example, concluded it would be a personal and societal injustice to have resigned his position as…Continue Reading
2 Ayrzana, Herdsman in Erdenetsagaan, Sukhbaatar, Mongolia
“Look… see the fields are ripe for harvest. Already the one who reaps is receiving wages and gathering fruit for eternal life…” – John 4:34,36 In Jesus’ command to “Look… and see” is also His empowerment for us to see and reap the harvest. When we intentionally focus on harvesting, we reap! It actually is that simple. In Mongolia we reaped a harvest that had been ripe since Jesus spoke these words two thousand years ago. over 40 people decided they wanted to follow Jesus instead of Buddhism, ancestral worship, or alcohol, which previously enthroned their hearts. Individuals who had never been exposed to the gospel responded with extreme excitement as they heard the good news. Almost every person we talked with was curious to hear about Jesus, and as they heard, over 40 people decided they wanted to follow Jesus instead of Buddhism, ancestral worship, or alcohol, which previously…Continue Reading